Monday, July 10, 2006

Hey, it works!

Since it does, I will keep on plowing. I have to catch up.
36 years of frustration and impotent, untalented attempts, all unleashed here,
for noone to see.
Here's little comic I did ages ago, trying to teach less talented such as myself how to draw that art piece they always wanted to do. If it helps one little kid out there, I've done my job :)

By the way, I wander, if I write my will here, would it count as a legal document?


Dela said...

E jesi otkacen, Love that Mad
magazine feeling .And thanks for advice.

Ana Banana said...

Love this! hahahaha! You should post some of these again since most people do not look this far back into the archives. And what a shame...this is superb work! Love it!

Why aren't you famous yet?! You are damned funny and talented as an artist! I always laugh my ass off when I come here.