Wednesday, July 26, 2006

More pirates

Thanks for replies and comments.
I never expected anyone to stop by, and it really feels nice when people actually lok and comment :)
Nothing new here.
Once the weekend is over, nothing happens at all. It's mostly go to work, back home and watch some crap on tv. 90+ chnnels of crap. Sport I never watch, Christian channel I never asked for, countless news channels talking shit, and the rest. Nothing new ever, they even do re-runs of Jay Lenno and Conan and that's ridiculous. I watched Chris Rock HBO specials so many times, they stopped being funny. And yet, evening after evening, I am so brainded I stare at the tube and watch anything.
I think I am burning out. I definately need some rest.
Here's more girl pirates.



LFW said...

I've seen these before, you showed me, and they are pretty damn cool, I've always liked the way you draw maps so perfectly.

Now I will get up and walk one meter to where you are sitting behind me and tell you this all in person as well

cheers mate


Marcelo Vignali said...

Wow, your prop designs are as strong as your characters. Such solid drawings! Good on ya.