Thursday, July 20, 2006

More random stuff

Wow, Someone actually stopped by and had a look at my stuff.
And all the people who did are doing some really nice art themselves, and I trully enjoyed checking it out.
So, thank you guys I really appreciated your comments.
Nothing majorly interesting happened to me in the last few days. My stomach is feeling better, but it's really hard to keep a lid on a late night snacks. I stare at TV for too long every night, and I start getting hungry around midnight and that's not good. Herbal tea is working.
That's all healthwise.
By the way, I think I just saw an episode of a Daily Show with J. Stewart that held to my expectations. I've been watching it for weeks now, but so far I feel as if it failed to deliver up to my expectations. Stewart was commenting about current Izrael - Lebanon situaton, and his comments were a bit of a releif because I thought I was the only one who didn't get it yet.
I don't see how destroying the infrastructure of an entire country and killing innocent people or destroying their lives and ruining their futures brings back a kidnapped soldier.
But then they might havesome cunning plan and destroying a country and pushing its people decades back is just another piece of a puzzle that will birng us all another step closer to that eternal world peace we all crave.
Anyhow, politics makes my teeth hurt, and so does FOX news chanell.
So i tend to stay away.

Blah to it all.

Here's some more random art:

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Kyle Marshall said...

really cool work you have on here. I love the little sketches on the post before this one!