Monday, July 31, 2006

Rest in peace David Gemmell

Bloody hell.
David Gemmel died yesterday.
Aged 53. Failed bypass surgery.
Life sucks. Out of all the people he had to die. He was plain THE BEST writer ever.
The only books I have read for the past 10 years were his works.
Like the excited child, I would save my pennies and pre-order his next book months before it came out, and then on the release day, I would wait in front of the bookshop to pick my copy.
He was always telling exactly the stories I wanted to read. No mistake.
Every time, I would take the day off work or call in sick and read the book in one single session. My wife and kids would leave me alone for a day, or for as long as it took. And after I finished with it, I felt great. He always gave me the glimpse of a world I would love to live in, and his heroes were kind of people I would love to have met in my life. They had flaws and conflicts within, were often very grey characters, but they somehow managed to stand up to a challenge and always managed to save the world or whatever it was that mattered, even if it cost them their lives.
When I tried to read others books, I thought that, even if I lived in one of those worlds, I would most likely be the insignificant peasant who gets killed on the first page of the book. But most of his heroes were loosers and insignificant characters to start with, so his stories gave me the hope.
And after I would read the book, I was happy and satisfied until his next book came out. The book I just read, I would give away as a gift, hoping that the next person would like it as much as I did.
Sadly, often it was not the case. I think I was picking the wrong people to give the book to. But fuck them. I don't care.
Now I feel as sad as if my family member died.
Also there's a void now. In his latest works he started writing the Troy trilogy and I thought it would be boring, because I could not give a shit about that story. First book from the series came out last year, and I had my doubts about it, but it was Gemmell's book so I bought it out of the habit. But he proved me wrong. He managed to find the angle of the story that sucked me in after 2 pages, and by the end of it, I was craving for more.
I heard he finished second book before he died, and that it's coming out in September.
Sadly, the story won't be finished.
And there will be one day every year when I will have nothing to do.
Shit, it's weird.
Anyhow, I do not believe in the afterlife much, I find the concept ridiculous, but if there is a journey after death, I wish him a nice trip.
Or if possible, it would be great if he could visit the lands and the heroes he wrote about in his afterlife.
Well, either way, David Gemmell, Rest in piece dude, and I will remember you once a year. Not much consolation there, but hey, that I can promise, and I know I will keep that promise.
Also, Israeli missile killed 60 innocent people. 37 kids.
Entire families erased.
Fucking great job guys.
But since those corpses were not Jewish or American, their lives were not worth jack shit. Too bad for them.


No sketches today.

Fuck it all.


LFW said...

Awww, cheer up dood, david gemmil has gone to a better place where children don't die because governments bomb the hell out of their people to get one solider back.

I know you are sad an' shit, but you should still draw to honour his memory.

Ana Banana said...

you are a very vulnerable man....very rare quality to find at least in America.