Sunday, July 23, 2006

Some sketches

Continuing from my previous post.
Lifewise, nothing happens.
Wife had a birthday party with her girlfriends. She kicked me out of the house on Saturday eve, so they can relax and have fun in an all-woman atmosphere.
To be honest, I was happy to get kicked out, because those parties scare me.
Last time I made a mistake of hanging around for ten minutes after they got together, and someone grabbed my ass. I was pretty sure it was not my wife, and it made me feel dirty.
This time, I left before they got together. I went and had a drink in some local, half arsed pub place. That scared me too. I realized that my social skills have deteriorated greatly in the past few years.
I found it very difficult to talk with some gay Cuban salsa dancing midget.
When he showed out of nowhere and started talking about some crap I do not care about I found it hard to come up with meaningful replies, so the conversation went nowhere.
At first I thought he was walking around on his knees, then I realized he was really short.
He looked like a pint sized Al Pacino with eye make up. Dressed in black with massive gold chain around his neck. Told me he was all for the world piece and that his passport was in order.
The only reply I could come up with is that I should renew my passport because I think it expired last year. or was it the year before?...
After that, he kind of salsa'd away.
I left the place soon after because you can not smoke in there any more. I went to the cinema next door and saw the Pirates of the Caribbean. That scared me too. I was kind of pissed off that no one told me it was only half of the movie they were showing. They should only charge you half of the ticket for half the movie. Well, half the movie finished and I was wandering around with the friend until my wife called and told me it's safe to go back home. Party was over.
I went home and ate some cake at 1.30.
That's all.
On Sunday I had to sit through a videotape of the party. I wish I didn't have to. But then, if I did not watch it, the Gods of girl parties would be angry.
And that's it.
Here comes some sketches:


Jeremy Spears said...


Thanks for stopping by my really have some awesome artwork here dude!!! How hot is it in Australia? It is very hot in California right now!


FerdinandKreozot said...

Hehe. Thanks for the visit.
being on the south hemisphere, there's no heat here yet, we are in the middle of the winter.
However, winter here means temparatures arround 10-15 degrees celsius. It's been pretty dry though, bits of rain here and there, but mostly sunny.
Sorry to hear about your heat wave there. Hope you guys get out of it ok.

Thanks for your comment once again,



bikeparts said...

Very cool artwork!!! Really enjoying your site.