Tuesday, November 07, 2006

long time no post

Euh, it's been a while again.
Time just flies too fast.
I got me a new PC and now I am spending every evening shifting gigs and gigs of crap i will never look at again from my old machine to the new one.
it is funny how, every time i get me a new PC, I get so excited when I turn it on, and it just works.
And then comes loading it with all the software that makes it do what I need it to do.
And these new, so called LCD things look really cool.
This one has some logo with an apple that someone took a bite of.
it's kind of cool. But it's widescreen, and I am not sure I like that. 3by4 felt a bi more normal.
Also, it can not be rotated in an portrait shape, so, i am a bit disappointed by that.
Anyhow, here's some more old art.
Some homage to Milton Caniff and some other scrap.



Thierry martin said...

woaw, superbe travail, bel hommage sur milton..
bel encrage

neikos said...

You're incredible as usual, I really love the dark lady.


Reynes said...

Beautiful lady ! Great work as usual, a real pleasure to visit :)

Todd Harris said...

great post, can't wait to see more, your style is awesome, wicked.

Alexei Martins said...

Awesome dude!!!!
Love the lady!!!And the ugly guys are very funny!!Hahaha!!!

GeeBee said...

Heehee, excellent ! The "ugly faces"
are ...just ugly.

Dominic Bugatto said...

love the Dragon Lady!

Dela said...

Nice stuff ,pozdrav