Saturday, February 10, 2007

Next one

Bad times for Milenko.
I am doing heaps of stuff at work and fatigue is creeping in.
Anyhow, here's some art . Rough.


neikos said...

Great works Milenko, I relly like your pencils.
The third picture is just brilliant.


Patrick said...

Talking of skill,those are really great post you put here.

keison said...

you're amazing man!!

Dela said...

Is that you and your alter ego ?
Love that one .

LFW said...

Why milenko! this is the first time I've seen you in a black and white photo! you almost look...arty!!! Who'da thunk?!?!?

nice work as always mate. have I seen some of these pics before? they look a little dated from your usual stuff.


your pal


MickFred said...

Fatigue ey?
What about everyones little friend amphetamines? failing that have a kip, no use burning the candle at both edwards.
Great sketches by the by

Ricardo Peregrina said...

I think I've seen thge second one before...

herval said...

Just found you have a blog ! (thanks to your comment on the DrawingBoard forum)
Great news! And great stuff (as always!)


FerdinandKreozot said...

neikoc, Patrick, Keison, thank you guys.
Dela, That's not alter-ego, it's the only remaining friend I still have in the old country, and he gets me in trouble every now and then by making me do political cartoons.
Luke, some stuff looks dated because it is.
As Ricardo pointed out, I am so senile, I shared the same image twice on my blog. I fixed it now, but it's embarassing.
Farouk, Pseudoephedrines are getting harder and harder to get.
Nowdays, Chemist guys think I am a drug dealer or something.
Herval, I am so glad you found me man :)
I visit your site often :)
Cheers to you all,



Alexei Martins said...

AWESOME works!!!!

Anonymous said...'re a talented bastid!!!
Great work...I feel very humble...
Pete M

Oscar said...

I know you're very busy, but can't wait to see your new stuff. I've been looking at your old posts very much this week and man, they are very very beautiful drawings. You are a great inspiration.