Tuesday, March 06, 2007


Another thing to take my mind off that popeye theme...

the movie,
by far THE BEST trailer I have ever seen in my life. Ever.
When I saw it first time, I think my penis got an inch longer just by me watching it, that's how manly that piece of cinematography is.
I have read the comic long time ago (like 2 months ago) and I can tell you, the movie does it more than a justice.
I could swear that each time I watch the trailer again, I grow more chest hair. Thanks to 300 I am up to 18 hairs on my chest now and my armpits are comming back to life too, after refusing to be populated by hair due to some weird hormonal inbalance for years now, they are currently brimming with life, All thanks to 300 trailer. And my voice gets deeper and I get the urge to manhandle a woman with each new viewing. That last urge is unfortunately undoable, because my wife is much tougher than me, and last time we got physical, guess who was wearing sunglasses to cover a blue eye fro 2 weeks?
I'll give you a hint: it was not her! ;) , ;)
Anyhow, when i saw a thread over at drawingboard.org, in superhero section, with people drawing 300 inspired scenes and themes, I had to respond.
here's my first contribution, soon to be followed by the second, (which would have been tonight, if someone's piece of crap mustek A3 scanner did not shit all over itself and died a horrible, horrible death and is soon to be sacrificed to the god of my back yard in a ceremony involving a crude, homemade catapult and a baseball bat...)
Anyhow, obviously, I have entered some sort of manic stage in my life:: I do not seem to be able to shut the fuck up.


here's image,




Dela said...

You are crazy ,in really good way.

Anthony Carpenter said...

These are great. Especially the top one. Twisted and funny. A perfect combo.

LFW said...

THis is fucking hilarious and brilliant

good work dude

your pal