Friday, March 30, 2007

Ballad for a broken brush

Every man and his dog has one of those days.
See, I have this brush pen that I grew quite fond of. I've been using it for everything arround the house- fixing kitchen taps, punishing kids, unblocking toilets, Mixing frape batter, measuring certain things on my persona and so on. However, tonight I wanted to draw with it. And there was one hair on it's tip out of order. Easily fixable, I told to myself. I got me some scissors, and loaded with confidence, I proceeded to amputate the rogue little fucker.
Unfortunately, due to the poor lighting, fatigue and possibly poor scissors-handling skills I cut well into the body of the brush.
Now my beloved brush pen is handycapped and drawing with it feels like drawing with a chunk of coal.
I cried a little over my pen's bad luck, then proceeded to use it the best i can. But the result was poor and is displayed below.
In the morning, me and kids will have some utanasia ceremony for my pet pen in the back yard,utilising our brand new baseball bat (escpecially purchased for dealing with malfunctioning electronic equipment out of warranty) and some crude fireworks mostly made out of barbecue match shavings, engine grease and gunpowder wrapped in aluminium foil.
In the mean time, here's the failed product of my pen's last dance. The image was meant to be a tribute to Milo Manara's work, but due to the lack of Milenko's skill and poorly performing pen, it looks shamefully inadequate.


Ah yes,
Also, thank you all for your kind replies.
Remaining Pawpeye sketches should be comming soon.


MickFred said...

I have learnt more about drawing shoes in your last few posts than I ever did during my two years scholarship studying shoes at the Austrian 'How to draw footwear' college.

Dela said...

My condolences for the brush ,I know the feeling ,hope that good fortune will show you the way to find another one, my tool is Pentel brush pen .
I remember long time ago in the old country it was a guy in Pula named Teny ,I purchased few brushes from him ,the best brushes I ever had ,inked my comics with them. The legend sed that they were made from bleached donkey tail.
And then Teny dissappeired no brushes any more ,and since then I
am still loking brush like that ,
maybee the brush should find you ?
Nice legs btw ,not yours ,hers.

Bruce said...

My god, you can ramble! I love it. How do you get any sleep with all of those words running around your head?

That's a nice Milo tribute, but I think he wouldn't have had the well placed hand...

bassirsta said...

It's amazing how you use white color in expressing light.. Fantastic work, in every part..from hair to chair:)

GeeBee said...

Not bad for a "last" effort: your good ol'brush should deserve to have a decent funeral and rest in peace.

neikos said...

Good work as usual Milenko and nice tribute.
Manara was a great artist years ago but now he's only the shadow of himself, unfortunately his early works are really awful.

FerdinandKreozot said...

Thanks for replies guys :)
Farouk, I have this idea as to how shoes should look like, but I am far from getting them right.
But if my scrappy sketches helped you better yourself in any way, I can only be happy about that.
Dela, for years I used staedtler mars graphic 300 duo. I stole those from my previous place of employment. I am ok to say this now, as the place went belly up, so there's no one to sue.
I really liked those but the down side was that they run out of ink really quickly and they were not refillable. They also stopped making them. Since then, I've used everything and anything to sketch. Mostly thick markers and mostly because they justified my sloppyness.
Recently I've discovered these pilot brush pens from japan, and they are awesome. they combine slopy marker lines with a beautiful curve of a brushpen.
After the death of this one, I got on e-bay and purchased 10 new ones with 20 refills, as well as one that comes with blank container which can be filled with anything you like, from water to any kind of liquid colour or ink.
Cannot wait to lay me hands on those.
Bruce, simple answer for you is that I do not get much sleep.On top of all the rest, I constantly have verbal arguments with imaginary nemessises which I often win, but, unfortunaltely, they bite into my sleep time quite a bit.
To compensate for the lack of sleep, I run on adrenaline. And nicotine was, apparently in control of my persona for many years, so now that I got rid of it, the real Milenko is poking through the fog, and I am not sure if I like myself being like this.
Bassirsta, thanks mate. BTW, where do you live in the old place?
Geebee, thanks. By the way, I decided to dely said funeral of my pen for a little bit longer, as I want to make love to the brush one more time (I realise it does kind of make me a necrofiliac, even though the object in mention is an inanimate one, and was so from the beginning)
I will post the results of our ungodly fornication later.
Neikos, thanks for cheers.
I agree that Manara does hit and miss a lot, And does a lot of sterile stories, but He is still good. Even when he sucks, he's better than most.
I lost it with him a few years ago, as you can get too much of the good thing if it all looks the same every time.
But some of his work gives me a stiffy and I am grateful for that :)
And (to avoid confusion) this piece here was not intended to resemble his style but was loosely based on my memory of a pose on his cover illustration for a book called "Memory" which you can check out here (by copying the link and pasting it in your browser):

Although, now that I look at it, I think I could have done without mentioning him at all, and not many would yell thief.
Aaanyhow, thank you all,



Oscar said...

Amazing work and extremely funny stories! You have gave me an idea with the e-bay brushes. There I go!


fantastics draws,like so much!!cool

Dela said...

Is that Pilot Brush Pen or Pentel Brush Pen ? I just want to know ,
I am using Pentel Brush Pen
this one ,
and I really love them.

FerdinandKreozot said...

The one I am using now, and I few I have at work are PILOT.
And they some with the tips that have different thickness.
Funny enough, the one I like the most is the thickest one, as I can still get really fine line out of the tip of the tip :)
Ones I bought from e-bay store in HongKong are Pentel, and I am excited about them as they look right.
One that comes with blank container is PILOT and looks like this (copy/paste in browser :) ):
Living in Australia and trying to get this sort of stuff is really hard. In JP and HK they sell them at newsagents, but here people get a fit if you ask for anything more than ballpoint pen or whiteboard markers.
Anyhow, you over there probably have much more luck with your equipment :)

Cheers to all again,


FerdinandKreozot said...

Stupid keyboard. It eats letters.
It is supposed to say
...and ::a:: few I have at work...
And they ::come:: with the tips...



Dela said...

Regarding the brush pens ,there is the story about Filipino inkers for Marvel in 80's ,you know Rudy Nebres ,Nestor Rodondo ,the crazy guys ,they had way how to build refillable brush pen from rapidograph and Chinese calligraphic brush ,that was well kept secret among them because with that kind of tool they were faster then everybody else.
My friend Filipino artist told me that crazy story .

Dela said...

And regarding the brushes maybee we can arrange something .

Dela said...

jebiga ljudi smo

FerdinandKreozot said...

"jebiga ljudi smo"
If you only told me before...
In any way, we should be able to arrange something...

It's funny that you have mentioned Rudy Nebres.
First time I saw his Bloodstone in those shitty Marvel comics they used to publish arrond the old country, I lost controll of my bodily functions.
That was my favourite superhero comic ever. Sadly, it was not him who finished the story, but I got crazy about the way he drew stuff and the way he inked! He was fucking awesome. I've spent most part of my twelfth summer trying to collect every piece of art of his I could find (Lots of conan illos, some Solomon Kane etc) and trying to draw like him.
All of those, sadly, have been lost to the history but I found a couple of his books on Budplant recently and purchased them. He's cool, although I feel like I got out of his influence a bit :)
Now that you have mentioned it, even though they look completely different, I could almost say that there's a touch of Nebres in Smogy.
But once again, I might be completely wrong.(and it's most likely me just seeing stuff because I am high on antihistamines mixed with Pseudoefadrines mixed with some good old plum brandy, nose candy and crack...- I'm just trying out various things in an attempt to compensate for the lack of nicotine and so far nothing works, but I am getting some funny mushrooms delivered tomorrow and we'll see how that one goes)

Thanks for the chat :)

Ana Banana said...

This is incredibly good! If I weren't so tired, I'd read all these comments...

tommorrow I'll have something more interesting to say about your pen dilemma.

nighty night or good morning.

Dela said...

Yes there is Nebres in Smogy ,inked with Winsor & Newton series 7 ,the brush was religiously washed with baby
shampoo , Rotring ink and good old
Schoelleshammer aaah memories.
I am getting dangerously short on plum brandy, domestic stuff is difficult to find and my genetic make-up loves that stuff.
He he bad for inking .I still got Nebres Ironfist from Decje Novine
Gornji Milanovac .Very aged edition.
And with all that medicine mixture
in your system the difference between wright and wrong is totally

Dela said...

'Night Ana.

Ana Banana said...

mornin' Dela.

and morning or gd'evening to you, mr. milenko.

well I got through all of these comments and all I could say guys sure make me dizzy with all this talk of pens, antihistamines and plum brandy...still trying to piece it all together. So I won't comment on the pen dilemma, only to say that whatever damn pen you're using, whether it's chopped or not, it looks good -- the girl that is...Fabulous! Love the shoes, by the way.

Pipocalavera said...

WHAT THE F!! fun and well drawn stuff you got here!!!
And further more you live in a great Country....Fortunate guy

Alexei Martins said...

Nice pose!!Love her nose!!
Hahaha!!I'm young to visit your blog???Oh!!!What a hell????
You married when you had my age??Poor Milenko!!Haha just kidding dude!



FerdinandKreozot said...

Thanks all for your comments:)
Alexei, I was just kidding, anyone's welcome to my blog and I am glad you are stopping by, I really like your art, and I take your visits here as a compliment :)
I got maried when I was 20 :)
Tha time felt right.
It's kind of good, as i got kids out of the way long time ago. my boys are 10 and 15 now, and I can still play ball with them, without having to deal with ostioparosis or forgetting their names due to the raging Parkinsons :)
And 17 years later, I still love my wife, so I did ok there I guess:)
Pipo, thanks. This place is great in a kind of laid back way. Not much happens around though, no dramas or any big events.
Everything is kind of lame. Few days ago, they had this Tsunami tidal wawe warning, due to some earthquake at some Solomon Islands, everyone over here heads for the hills, and the tidal wave turns out to be 15 centimeters(6 inches) high. Kind of lame, don't you think?
They also have this place called the giant pineapple, but it's not that big. Aanyhow, I am lucky, I guess :)
Ana, thanks for compliments about the work, and do not worry if you do not get the brush talk.
It's one of those manly, testosterony topics, like football or V8 angines and stuff:)

Anyhow, cheers to all,


Alexei Martins said...

Hey dude!!!I know!!!I was just kidding too!!
Oh this is AWESOME!!!
...ostioparosis...Parkinsons...forget their names...hahahaha man your very funny!!Hahaha
Woow this is great!!!
So keep loving your wife and kids, they are the most precious things in your life!!!!:)

Ps:I really enjoy when you comment on my blog, It's a pleasure to me.



Reynes said...

So sexy ! Great !
(even with a dead brush pen)

Marcelo Vignali said...

Hahah, I ruined a brush pen just like that.

I had one of my favorite brush pens, but had used it so much that the hairs at the end started to get scarce. As a matter of fact, only a few hairs stuck out the end. OK, it wasn't just a pen, it was like a friend. I thought this would be easily remedied with a sharp X-acto knife, a steady hand, and lots of light.

Unfortunately my hand wasn't as steady and I nipped off what seemed like an axe-full! I turned my favorite pen into a chisel point!

Having betrayed my friend with my clumbsiness, I haven't been able to throw this pen away.

By the way, I talked to Fil earlier today, and he told me to say hello. I tried to talk him into getting blog, we'll see if he does it. I also told him I linked you up on my site, so maybe he'll come to your blog for a visit.

P.S. Great looking sketch. That pen doesn't look dead at all. It looks to me like you've got a few more miles on it.