Tuesday, March 13, 2007


I am probably the only one excited about this... Well at least i was untill I finished it.
Somehow, today, it does not look too good.
Anyhow, I lost the link for my ftp site, where I must upload finished image, in all of it's crappiness, because these here blog files uploads crunch everything to a maximum size of 1024 pixels either height or width, whichever is greater, and that's not big enough for my "masterpiece".
So I have to upload to my ftp and link it here and it can only be done tomorrow, so untill then, here's some sketches from the process, for the hell of it.
Initial sketch:
no matter how crappy it is, finished piece never looks as strong as this. For a while thre, I was able to preserve juice of it, but nowdays I have lost it again.

First pass at clean-up:
nothing works now... I lost the vision and did not add any tricks to make it pretty. So it just plain sucks.

And finaly, a discarded sketch for popeye/olive pose...
No point in cleaning it up.

Till tomorrow, cheers to both of you,




Thierry martin said...

ahahaha, genial...encore

Ana Banana said...

That's funny...I am the same way. I'm usually very excited about a piece in the beginning and then find myself despising it by the time it's finished.

Great sketches!

FerdinandKreozot said...

Cheers guys :)
Ana, such is the curse we have to carry.
other people rarely see our original scribbles, and those scribbles mean to me the most.
Cleaning stuff up, is a hassle, although, if inspired, you can really enhance your work by cleaning it up and finding that perfect line. But more often I just plain screw it up by cleaning it.

Cheers for comments once again, regards,


Marcelo Vignali said...

Wow, these are brilliant sketches. Whadda hoot these sketches are. Yeah, that Olive had to be a "hottie" if she was going to have these two strapping guys fighting over her all the time. I'd love to see a whole comic with these characters. For now I'll just have to settle myself with these sketches.