Wednesday, March 21, 2007

It only took 25 minutes!

And that does not justify the fact that it's crap.
Reason it's crap is because I am partialy colourblind, so My guess is that this one is red, but it could be anything.
Anyhow, about the piece:
I was walking down the street and I found this brush pen lying there.
I thought to myself: "hey I could take this pen home and use it to do crappy art!"
And that's what i did.
it's meant to be satan and his daughter, but due to my poor execution, it could be anybody...
make of it what you want.
(btw. by "walking down the street", I may have meant "walking past someone's desk at work" and by "found" I may have meant "took without owner's permission, stuffed down my pants and took home with me")
Oh, yes! :
Sorry, it's definately no popeye, but that one is comming soon too.
As I may have mentioned, I have 3 more popeye sketches to clean up, don't even know why, but that's how it is.
But that has to wait till I get a bit more time.
I am trying to figure out what next classic cartoon should i abuse, but At the moment, i don't know...
Oh yes, I have noticed that, for some reason, instead of getting my steady 12 visits per day (7 of which was me, checking if anyone else visited) now it's more like 40-50 per day.
I have been baffled by the mystery of people's visits.
But I shall investigate other time.
Cheers to all,



Ana Banana said...

you're funny...

it appears to be red to my eye.

like his grin. I this you? ;o)

you can count me in for about 2 or 3 peeks per day. I'm a blog addict in general.

Dela said...

He has the look of the guy with lot's of evilness on his mind.
Nice loose inking ,with inking you never know how to control the control. Now I am philosophical .
Too early in the morning for that.
Anyway you manage to make me laugh again ,thank you.

neikos said...

That's not always underestimate yourself!

I am trying to figure out what next classic cartoon should i abuse, but At the moment, i don't know...

Betty Boop of course! :P


edwinushiro said...

Always cool to find stuff on the ground. And you made art out of it, so that's even more special. Thanks for sharing. Mahalos.

Monkeyfeather said...

Another cool one. Can't wait to see your next Popeyes.

bassirsta said...

To me they look like some wierd drunk couple on Helloween :) Awesome work, coulors are it's best part, and let us to comment your work, instead of you.. :)

Oscar said...

So you say this is crap... Ok. If this is crap, I supose I like this kind of crap. I'm a crap addict if you ask me.

Jazzy Justin said...

Truely awesome evilness. Love the shit-eating grins!