Monday, March 12, 2007

Pawpeye anticipation !!!

First, warning: the next post, most likely coming in tomorrow, will contain half a breast with a possible nipple exposure, so those of you who are giddish, tomorrow is not the day to look 'ere.
But oce that one is up, even for sensitive ones, there's a good news! I am away for a couple of days, which might turn into weeks (no plans, just heaps to do at work and a lot of curling into a fetal position in my bedroom when no one is looking, and crying like a baby because of my lame life)...
Soo, at least you won't be bothered with mediocre explicit art. And I think I got it out of the system anyhow, so once back I plan only to post mellow, sterile half arsed crap to push away this filth, down to the bottom of the page, and eventually into the archive.
...Or not...
And yes, you have guessed right. manic state is over and depression is creeping in the life of Milenko.
Fucking cigarettes, they kept me at a constant fatigued state of "I do not give a shit".
I did not have a mood swing for decades, and now this.

Here's some poppie art to add to anticipation...
Oh boy, oh boy :(

Cheers to you,



UrbanBarbarian said...

Too damn cool!

neikos said...

Pure genius!
You're great milenko.


rajesh said...

holy crap, that is genius. The redbull and steroids had me cracking up. If they ever do new Popeye cartoons, they better hire you - as lead visionary!

mike said...

Great stuff. I like your take on the Popeye characters. Wish I could draw as well as you. Thanks for the compliments to my stuff. Can't wait to see more of your stuff.... keep posting.

Marcelo Vignali said...

I've got a print out of your Popeye sketch pinned over my desk at work. Great stuff, really inspiring.