Monday, March 26, 2007

Pawpeye number three...ah, yes...NSFW once again

Got to my server, there's a 1400 pixel high version on offer now.

And it's followed by the initial rough and some clean-ups. I had fun doing the final piece, but I still think it lost a lot compared to the roughs.
Each pass, I thought I was improving it, but now I realise that I actually managed to stiffen it up and screw a few other things as well.
As for bassista's :) question, why Popeye, here's the answer:
I saw something nice, done in '99 in Croatia, on my way back from my last visit to the family in the old country. It was a comic called "Black Popeye" drawn by a guy who fed me once some 12 years ago and helped me more than he knows, but has ignored my attempts to contact him lately. I do not blame him for that, I sure can be a pain in the arse.
Annyhow, he is one of the most talented artists from the old place. Each time I see his new work it's that little bit better than his previous stuff which shows that his powers are yet to be fully unleashed...
His name is Stef Bartolic, and I am a great fan of his work.
Well now, although I did not like the story of "black popeye" much, I loved the art, and when i saw a front cover he did for it, I was amazed!
It depicted Popeye shooting up some heroin, with Olive leaning over, accidenatly exposing a big nipple on her breastless chest. Weirdly, I got half-a-mongrel* looking at it.
For some reason, the concept of nasty Characters from the old cartoon stuck in my head, and now the time came for me to get it out of the system.
My work is in no way rip off of Stef's concept, but was definately inspired by it.
Blah, anyhow, here it is all,


*Half-a-mongrel is an Aussie expression describing a massive erection, comparable with the best that porn industry has to offer :)


Tommy Kane said...

Wow. I see that you came to visit my blog. I went to look at yours and was amazed at your work. Brutus from Popeye is fantastic. We should exchange links. Let me know. Send me an e-mail to When I hear from you I will link your blog to mine and hopefully you will do the same.

Ana Banana said...

yes, naughty, Milenko, once again and full of energy! Now which one is the crazy dude?
In my opinion, you've retained the energy from the sketch to the finish. Looks great to me!

Thanks for explaining what "half a mongrel" is...hehe. What would be a whole mongrel I wonder.

Nice work, once again,

Ana the banana

what is it with the word verification thing? trouble seeing those damn letters.

Alexei Martins said...

AMAZING crazy work dude!!!I love it!!!!

Ana Banana said...

I've linked you on my blog, Mr. Milenko, hope you don't mind. I think you're quite a character yourself and I like your work!

Mac said...

Awsome stuff! Not to sound like a Popeye geek, but shouldn't he say: "Let go of me feyouncey Cuntface!"

LFW said...

Wicked work there mate. Giving up smoking has really made you more prolific than I have ever seen you before (before you would just sit around swearing at the TV with a cigarette in one hand and in your underwear, yet we have still stayed good friends despite).

I really like the way you drew the baby's nose, and your understanding of volume is great, I wish I could draw as much to put on my blog

keep it up mate, you are doing well

your pal and fan


Bruce said...

You have some hilariously imaginative stuff going on in here. I laughed more than a few times when going through your previous posts.

And it's a rare thing to find a fellow Hudson Hawk fan. I think I was the only person laughing when I saw it in the theatre.

FerdinandKreozot said...

Thanks for replies :)
Much appreciated.
Tommy and Ana, I linked to your blogs, however, associating with me might not be the best idea you guys had if you worry about your reputation, because, you see, when it comes to reputation, Milenko has none and he posseses the potential to make it even worse:)
Also Ana, there's no such thing as a whole mongrel:) if there was, it would be one of those mythical beasts, like minotaur, or Loch Ness monster...The hair on the back of my neck raises at the mere thought of such hideosity.

Alexei, aren't you a bit too young to be checking this stuff out?
Hehe, only kidding, I got married when I was your age :)
Cheers to you.

Mac, well spotted mate I will fix it when I get arround to it.
I also want to touch up Olyve's face, it needs to be funnier.

Luke, those were some good old times, weren't they? I also thought that you kept away from my windows in those days, but apparently not. As I keep repeating to all those girls nowdays, restraining orders do not work!
Your blog is sweet too. You know I am a fan of your work.

Bruce, I am glad you had a good time. And Hudson Hawk took me places I wanted to go :)

Cheers to you all,



FerdinandKreozot said...

Ah yes, also, "Crazy dude doing stuff" refers to me. For the first time, I saw a little window that lets you put in tag words. I hate doing it and I do not know why i did it.
Word verification is to keep the spam away. You see, I had this friend who got spammed wit 800 replies, all from the weird people selling him breast enlargements and nipple pumps.
It took him weeks to clean up his blog.

Mattias said...

Great work on you blog, semi-not safe for work, ha!

GeeBee said...

Hehehehehehe !
(a big laugh from France)
That's quite a new version of that character!
Excellent !


Dela said...

Her expression is priceless . Love it !

Dominic Bugatto said...

That's so messed up, I love it.

bassirsta said...

I haven't seen illustrator that could reach this level in expressing agression on face, these two guys are really mad on each other:)
Great work...

MickFred said...

the very best

MickFred said...

I have put some pictures inspired by these on my blog and also your drawingboard thread. If there is a problem I will remove them... after a toe to toe punch up that is. Ya ya
sure sure

flaviano said...

wow very powerful piece! i like the energy who feels between Popaye and Blunto. and the passive attitude of Olive is priceless. you put a lot of energy in every line and this make characters so expressive. good work

Ricardo Peregrina said...

oooohh! Lovely!
What a romantic scene!

hehe, amazing, Milenko!
I love this kind of versions too. In fact I have two cartoon characters that are a nasty version of Bert and Ernie from Sesame Street: Hermi and Max. I think they would look great in your drawing style.


These are funny, hope you plan on doing more. It kinda seems like the more you draw this particular scene the more olive becomes ok with it, like she's been there before :)

Moro Rogers said...

Whooooaaa. I never thought I would see a sexy Olive Oyl.=p

FerdinandKreozot said...

Thank you all for the kind words.
Moro, thanks for your visit :)
Your stuff looks really nice,
Cheers to your talent.