Friday, March 23, 2007

Some sketch and...

Done in a few minutes (obviously) using before mentiouned stolen brush pen and some lame colours.

And a new Pawpeye taser:)
I finally started having fun with the next popeye thingy :)
So here's a detail and the finished work should be up tomorrow, or sooner or later...

Cheers to you all,



bassirsta said...

Pawpeye taser:) sounds funny :)... I wonder why you like all that Pawpeye stuff (I'm quite new on this blog). Do you like him as a caracther or you find some inspiration in it.. Anyway I have some nice memories to Pawpeye because I had Pawpeye-toy when I was a child (wierd, ain't it?), one of my favorites, I lost it through time :( Anyway, looking foward to see finished woork soon..

Ana Banana said...

great energy in the taser, once again, Milenko!

looking forward to the finished.

Dela said...

He he latex boots ,shiny ,funny .
Is there anything sacred for you ?
That is mentality from the old country ,sometimes I miss that ,than I visit Milenko's blog and after that I am OK again.Weird.