Sunday, July 08, 2007

Evils of PornographY...

Being exposed to that stuff is definitely not healthy, so boys and girls make sure you stay away from it's evil claws.
Well known fact is that it causes mental illness, and many affected loose their eyesight, grow an extra finger or get covered in festering sores.
Even worse cases have been documented in the recent history, involving but not limited to kids poking their eyes out with their genitals, getting permanent burn scars from their contact with evil materials and in less common cases, growing little vaginas all over their bodies...

World is fuckin' crazy, that's all I have to say.
Anyhow, on Saturday eve I was bored and was flipping through old folders on my old PC and I happened to have sketchbook handy.
One shitty PS job later, and I have some stuff to grant me another post on this blog thingy.

Cheers to you all



Mark Osberg said...

I totally agree about porn being evil. We cannot turn a blind eye to it though, for the common good we must inspect and catalog it on our hard drives ;)
Great drawings by the way.

Monkeyfeather said...

Great drawings sir... as always.

Christian said...

Disgusting Filth!!! I love it!

spleenal said...

if there's one thing I like more than babes with no clothes on it's cartoon babes with no clothes on.

Is that odd?

Ana Banana said...

Love the shoes.

As always, good work.

peace, buddy.


LFW said...

this is FUCKING EXCELLENT! HA HA HA HA! you draw the best porn EVER Milenko. Let no one ever say otherwise! all of these are my favourite, I especially like the gal playing the piano, that is hilarious, and the pic in the lower left, fuck it, I love them ALL for what they are. you are a true artiste.

How's that porno comic coming by the way? I cannot wait to read it, political intrege and all that jazz.


your fan


Yer_man_in_japan said...

Ahh thats better I'm glad to see your energy levels are back to normal. Had me worried with the last post.I thought you might be ill.
In answer to previous comments. Of course I Keep checking in. Your stuff is great, youre an inspiration! and im glad I got to work with you in brisbane. Keep up the good work ya filthy bollox ya.

Christian said...

On the subject of which have you seen that internet girl Keyra? Lordy!

BOKY said...

Great as ever ;)

Tel said...

Really nice stuff Milenko - and in Brissy too.
Vin's spreading the word !!

BogatiStric said...

Awesome!Kako su ti dobri svi ovi radovi,covece,odlepio sam;)
Nisi trebao da pises ovako o
pornicima,neko ce ozbiljno da te shvati;);)hehe.
Enivej,uzivaj,hvala za lepe reci na
mom blogu,cujemo se.

bienB said...

A great work

Alexei Martins said...

Nice porn stuff!