Wednesday, July 25, 2007


Eh, where to start...
Not much happened on the surface, but the time is flying fast, and my vacation trip is getting closer.
I have an extra family living with us and I have been sick.
I hope it was some fucking flu and not something more serious, but whatever it was, it sure scared the shit out of me, as some weirdness started happening within my body. I still have the aftershocks (I hope that's what they are)
I do not even know what I was scared of. Death maybe, but I am not sure I fear death. If it is anything like sleeping, I should definitely have fun being dead, once that fucker comes around.
Actually, I have very fond memories of the time before I was born. By fond, I mean none whatsoever. And that is great.
I think that when I am sick and I fear, I fear the most not being around my kids as they grow up and helping them get there and grab firm hold on life.
I usually do it by discouraging them and ignoring their achievements.
All I want them to do is be healthy and happy and grow up and become decent human beings. The rest will come.
I hate parents who brag about and talk their kids up, because by doing that they raise MY expectations of their kids.
If they say their kid is a math wiz, don't give me that two plus seven is nine. If they say their kid is an awesome artist, put your fucking money where your mouth is and don't pull out that crayon stick man shit.
All kids can do that, so there's nothing special about it.
If you want to prove to me that your kids are special, make sure they can walk through a Chinese wall, perform quadruple bypass or bend spoons or something, otherwise you're wasting my time.
If they make statue of liberty disappear and then re-appear a few minutes later, I will be impressed.
Fucking David Copperfield ruined my childhood.
Also, I hate parents who have a favorite kid. What's the fucking deal with that?
Screwing your kids mentally like that is not cool.
Aaanyhow, got carried away... sorry.
Another thing I fear is that, if I die, my wife will re-marry, and some hairy fuck will take over my house, roll in my bed, and wipe his arse with my favorite books.
That would piss me off.
Talking about the things that piss me off, here's one:
"Dear mr President"
What the fuck!
Each morning and evening on my drive to work and back I am tortured by that fucking song. And Shardlow and Brad (guys from work I drive with every day) are taking the piss out of me because I flip out and start cursing each time I hear it.
Don't get me wrong, I am no big fan of Dubya, but
If you want to write a song about a president you do not like, do a bit of a fucking research.
She should have Googled his name and had a read for a few minutes, she would get better material.
The way it is, bloody song is stupid, it sounds like something written by pathetic, overly emotional 12 year old girl who wants to solve world's hunger in 2 days.
"let's pretend're no better than me" that implies that he actually IS better, which is fucking stupid.
"How can you sleep when the rest of us cry" who the fuck cries? I don't. I also know many people, they don't cry. One couple I know does have a small child who cries, but I am not convinced Dubya is responsible.
"You don't know nothin' 'bout the hard work" well, neither does Pink. Getting hundreds of thousands of dollars for a few hours of work is not exactly where the most people fit.
The rest of the lines about gay daughter and first lady and stuff are crap as well.
Soo, I hope this one goes away quickly, and Pink goes back to getting the party started.
Let John Stewart take the piss out of the president. And Dixie chicks. They do it better.
Well it's 2 Am and I got carried away, so here's art and I will continue about Shardlow, Brad and another family living with us some other time.
This time:
I did some silly Judge Dredd spoof, not sure if it's any good, as I was really tired while I was doing it. Did not use any reference, I did look at some Dredd comics last week though.
There's also a bunch of life drawing I did 2 weeks ago, all on that page were quick 2 and 3 minute poses, all of it done in 45 minutes.
The rest below is old stuff I felt like posting. Don't know why.

Cheers to all,



Monkeyfeather said...

Awesome Judge Dredds my friend. That gorilla is fantastic as well.

Ana Banana said...

Happy to hear your rants again! hahah! Wish I could say more! oh well..

Great drawings!

bye, bye buddy.

Vincenzo said...

Don't die on us now buddy...we need at least 40 more years of your drawings!!!

Enjoy your vacation!

Reynes said...

Beautifull sketches :)

Oscar said...

Amazing sketches as always, and I agree with you 100% in your speech. Those parents creating weak depressive-to-be people by inflating their little egoes deserve to pay a therapist in the future! A friend of mine has a very beautiful little sister (not so little now), and he is always telling her that she is ugly. Not very ugly, but not pretty at all. Of course it is not true, but he has this theory similar to yours.

Gunt said...

Your sketches are really great !

Yer_man_in_japan said...

CLassic Stuff. I love the Dredd. It reminds me of the stallone dredd.
Sorry to hear you were a bit sick.get well soon. You'll have to be well for the tv interviews back home.I heard the stock in the european porn companies is rising on the news of your return.
,anyway....I think i had a similar flu.At least you have the family to bury you. With no one to claim me I'll probably end up soylent green on someones pot noodles here.

Patrick said...

great drawings,I love when people dare and can draw three dimentionaly.Way to go Milenko!

Julkillo said...

Amazing sketches and Judge Dredd is really impresive,very cool

Mat Brady said...

Milenko, you've turned into Abe Simpson. That rant was straight from a retirement village somewhere where no-one visits anymore. But that's not why I write.

I love your nudes. They're really nice, and you have the speed and bg knowledge to capture a lot of info really fast, and I like all that you've captured. Beautiful stuff, man.

But artistic integrity aside, you're JD is hilarious. I particularly like the old school design you've given for his law giver. Ha ha ha! Great! :P


(Will write a proper letter soon).


FerdinandKreozot said...

Thanks all for the kind comments.

David, I have looked into the quality of a local pornographic industry from Balkans (purely for the research purposes) and after viewing a few flagship titles such as "landlady with varicose veins in heat offering young tenant to pay his rent in manmeat", "poor peasant bride getting abused by the penis of next door neighbor while on her way taking the lunch to her hardworking husband who's ploughing the field" and all times classic "commie secret police dudes in leather coats interrogating traitorous middle aged blond with big saggy titties", I can tell you I was not too impressed.
If I could get people to listen to me, I would probably get shot in the spine while declaring that opinions are like asses.
Makes no sense unless you watched that "people vs Larry Flint" documentary.
Otherwise, if given a million seashells, I could revive the industry by creating artistically acclaimed feature presentation about the struggles of a neglected young housewife who reluctantly unleashes her sexual desires when she accidentally slips and awkwardly lends on a penis of a repulsive looking shonky plumber who was fixing her sink at that time.
To ensure international acclaim, I would invest half the money to enlist participation of Ron Jeremy playing the role of a neglected young housewife.

Eh, I am too crazy. I blame that on lack of sleep, excess salt in my diet, and possibly a presence of a decent quantity of pseudoefadrines in my medication.


Matt dude, I am getting old.
And things annoy me more than ever.
However, I looked deep inside to see if it is my old age causing my rants, but eventually I came to objective conclusion that it's world that's gone wrong, and it has nothing to do with me, as I am still young at heart.
I am glad you like the sketches too, it means a lot.
And as for JD, that's how I remember him, I have not checked new stuff about him in decades.
Looking forward to your letter,

Cheers to all,


FerdinandKreozot said...

Also, Mat, sorry for spelling your name with 2 t's.
I blame that on lack of sleep, excess salt in my diet, and possibly a presence of a decent quantity of pseudoefadrines in my medication.



Thierry martin said...

jolie étude de nue, et de belles pages de croquis


Marcos Mateu said...

Good drawings man!... and had fun with the writen part too!

LFW said...

ha ha, that Dredd is great, you finally answered all that sexual tension between him and anderson that I know was going on in that comic every time I read it.

Excellent work dude, thanks for the brushez by the way, they rock.

your pal


GeeBee said...

You did it again, Milenko : your version of Judge Dredd is grrrreat !
And some of the sepia sketches are excellent, too !

Cheers !


F.Noya said...

I’m glad you like my draws, I'm also fan of your work

You’re the fist one to leave me a post without knowing him before

Regards from Catalonia!

(Excuse me for my English)

Yer_man_in_japan said...

Milenko youve missed youre true calling, thats a Grade A porn pitch!I can just picture ron jeremy wearing nothing but an apron. pure Gold.

Evan Bonifacio said...

Hahaah! love the pics dude as weel as the rant. Hope your feeling better :)

Alexei Martins said...

I din't have time to read your stuff but...oh well...I'll... :)
Amazing drawings sir! Love that Judge Dredds one!

cheers! :)

Sasha Arsenic said...

Cao Milenko.
Super crtezi kao i uvek.
Narocito mi se svidjaju ovi krokiji, mada je i Dred do...

nigraz said...

Brilliant style, very beutiful homur..

Lena said...

Здраствуйте!Здорово,мне понравилось!Привет из Moskow!

name said...

Good job!