Sunday, October 21, 2007

Epic & sometimes erotic adventures of Knight Marco

Finally starting to tell some tales from the old country.
Knight Marco was an epic hero from the old folk tales, standing up to turks and defending the conquered population during the times of the Turkish empire.
Historically, I do not know much about him, except that he was a Turkish vassal and that he died in some battle fighting FOR the Turkish Empire.
Funny I said that, because I know even less about his epic fame, I think he drank half the wine, and gave second half to his loyal steed...
And he was picking all kinds of fights.
Also, I did no research about his outfit or any costumes from those times, but I will.
I'll also try to check some stories about him, it might help I guess.
I was heavily inspired and entertained by a little page that Ivan S (BogatistriC over on the left side in my links) did, that I kept on sketching over the past few days and I had heaps of fun.
Anyhow, not much to show, other than a first few quick sketches that convey the mood and characters.

Cheers to all,



dzuka said...

uuuu, great drawings! marko is prince, i think, not a knight and is rapidly becoming most popular figure among ex-yu comic artists.
there's a series of albums (first one published, the others in making) with him in a leading role.
lots of pin-ups there, too, with completly different approaches.
the one done by bojana is my favourite so far!


Gordon Hammond said...

WOW man!! GREAT drawings...Love the way you set your pages up with all the writing and such. Thanks for your comment too!


LFW said...

This is by far the funniest damn shit I have ever seen in my life.

God fcuking damn.

your fan


BogatiStric said...

Hahah,eh jesi car Milenko.
Extra ti je ovaj Marko,i Musa a i
turcin:)a i super
je fora:)Dzuka je u pravu,ne znam
dal ``knight`` odgovara bas za
Kraljevic,mislim da mu kraljevic
dodje princ,al nije ni bitno u
krajnjem slucaju.Ne bih da zvuci da zakeram,al mislim da nije stigao da dozivi pojavu kubura,ni u epu a ni kao pravi lik iz istorije.Al jeste u ovim stripovima sto ih pominje Dzuka.
U pravu si sto se tice istoriskog Marka,umro je kao Turski vazal u bitci na Rovinama,protiv Vlaskog vojvode Mirche,ako se ne varam.

FerdinandKreozot said...

Thanks for the comments guys :)
I had fun with him and want to do some more sketches and stories.
Dzuka and Ivan, I know about him being the "prince" but I found it hard to make up my mind as we do have a word for prince and a word for knight, none of which fully suits the translation of his proper name.
I thought about it and unwisely choose the "knight", which is probably the hardest to understand since he wears no armor at all.
My current plan to fix it is to simply call him "the little king" and give him a really small kingdom.
Also, a bit of discrepancy is ok as I want to parody the shit out of it, so if the translation is not fully correct, less people will complain about me taking the piss.
I have not seen Bojana's version, but since I think all of her work is really sweet, I am pretty sure that one rocks as well.
Luke and Gordon, thanks heaps for your cheers.



BogatiStric said...

Ok,cool by me:)
Ne znam tacno da obljasnim na engleskom pa cu na nasem:),ne vezano za to sto radis,cisto da
znas,ovo oko kraljevic je malo zajebano,jer se ne odnosi samo na
to da je on kraljev sin,pa samim tim i princ,nego je bio neka vrsta zastitnika karalja Urosa(koga nasi
zovu nejaki,posto je upropastio svojom nesposobnoscu(valjda) veliko
carstvo koje mu je ostavio Dusan Silni,i ta zastitnicka titula se isto zove kraljevic,a Uros je na kraju i dobrovoljno
predao krunu Vukasinu Mrnjavcevicu,Markovom ocu,te je ovaj postao kralj,a Marko princ)
pa se zato ne zna na sta se to kraljevic tacno odnosi.
Sorry ako sam te ugnjavio sa ovim,
znam da ti nije ni bila namera da
ulazis u sitna crevca oko istoriskog aspekta Marka.Jedva
cekam da vidim sta si dalje smislio,ovo dosad je super.

Thierry martin said...

bravo pour cette energie dans tes croquis.c'est un regal.

Vincenzo said...

All I can say is I'll buy every sketchbook you decide to publish!!!!

You're the best

mcn said...

Ma dobro je ovo knight u engleskomm kontekstu, ne ssto bi bilo toccno vech ssto je njegova pojava sve suprotno od onoga ssto knight implicira. Pa je smijessno.


Patrick said...

That's a great page !!,Are you publishing something with those mongol barbarians ,if not ,you must. This subject fit so well your wonderful style,bravo Milenko.

peter maynez said...

I love how you approched these fun sketches without looking for reference first. I find that when i research before sketching it tends to slow things down.

The work keeps fun and fresh for me when i research after i start like you did, but not long after that way i don't incorporate too many innaccuarcies

Jörn Gebert said...

I love this, because it's both: A real expressive sketch and really funny!

Marcelo Vignali said...

That is so funny! The drawing with the horse swigging down the booze, and then puking his gut out like Marco is a hoot!