Friday, November 23, 2007

digital girls :)

Bunch of crazy girls taking photos of themselves.
Thank you Internet.
Each one was a quick sketch straight in PS. (by quick, I mean about an hour per sketch)
From reference.
I wanted to see if I can do it.
At the moment, I've been feeling pretty shitty and this cheered me up a little.
I hope it cheers you too.
Thanks for visiting and hope to post again soon.

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Craig Zablo said...

I just discovered your blog while surfing the net. You have amazing talent. Love you work and have bookmarked it for return visits!

Vincenzo said...

These are just great and the fact that each one was done only in an hour makes them even more incredible...and of course I'm familar with all your reference photos...(unfortunately not in person);)

Thorsten Hasenkamm said...

Great stuff!

MP said...


Anthony Carpenter said...

These are really amazing! I like the way you distorted the proportions. It enhances the weird (but wonderful) idea of these self photos.

An hour each, eh? Criminy!

I am in awe of your abilities, Milenko! :)

Lubomir said...

Wow, these are amazing man!

Urban Barbarian said...

Insanely good! If you don't do a gallery show with this concept then you're insane!!! This is brilliant!

LFW said...

excellent stuff buddy, thanks for the heads up on these.

You should try these on canvas, see how they turn out, the amount of detail you have with only a bunch of fuzzy splotches and quick strokes is testament to your wickidness.

keep it up dood


your slightly more celebrity pal


mcn said...

Kako dobro nacrtane kamere. :))

lach said...

you say they're quick but theres a lot of subtlety there,
awesome and also
,as ever,
your taste in filth is impeccable

Reynes said...

Awesome sketches ! And great idea :)
It's always a pleasure to visit your blog ;)

BOKY said...

Ti si bas vredan:)) I super su ti ove cice...kako ono bese: Photoshop ili Painter?

GeeBee said...

Yesss !!


THEMICO said...

Odlicno he he he :D

Peter Yong said...

So inspired/aroused right now


Àlex López said...

The light and the deformations are amazing!!

Really funny, too!


Ricardo Peregrina said...

¡Hombre, Álex, tú por aquí! hehe

Amazing, Milenko!
I would like to see a tutorial of this kind of work. It would be very very interesting.

D.TAYLOR said...

Great work. Really inventive images...beautiful.

FerdinandKreozot said...

Cheers to all for the kind comments :)
It was fun for sure.
Darko, cameras took the most time to render, for sure :)
Boky, Photoshop :)
Ricardo, tutorial for this would not work because I was making up the way to do it as I was going about it.
Basically, I would do a bg on the first layer, foreground on second last and the camera and the hand holding it on the top last layer.
Then I would paint the rest of the girl in between foreground and background layer.
I blocked colors first and then painted in the detail.
I used the air brush for the most of it.

And that's all.
Cheers to all for visiting,



Mimi Cortazar said...

Zanimljiva kombinacija s fotografijom :)

Monkeyfeather said...

AWESOME work man. These are AMAZING!

Tooninator said...

you might be a genius

Christian said...

Wow!!!Man these are brilliant ,I love the girl in pink best!

Dustin A. Foust said...

These are hilarious. Great blog.

Sasha Arsenic said...

E, ovo je fenomenalno!!!

GhettoFab said...

Freakin fantastic Blog! Great stuff man!

Jamal O said...


Michael Dooney said...

these are fantastic. I've seen photos like this online myself and I always wonder why the girls are holding the cameras rather than using the self timer ;)

C. Bennett said...

You have some really great stuff on here. Really great caricatures.

R.Dress said...

Getting right to it. Powerful piece.

R.Dress said...

Getting right to it. Powerful piece.