Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Evolutionary defect :)

As the song said.
Being fucking colorblind artist sucks.
But I still had fun.

Not much else to report.




LFW said...


these are excellent though sir, good to see a new post

liking the yawning lady the most, looks like you are being inspired by a different artist there, I wonder who?

cheers to you

your pal


Oscar said...

I miss your comments, man! Let me tell you that man up there kinda reminds me the king of Spain.

Georgeous girl at the bottom, dude!

dzuka said...

yeah, i miss them too. but that yawning girl can comfort me anytime! beautifull!!!
but the brown and purple ghosts scare the shit out of me!!! : )

lach said...

that girly at the bottom is awesome,-
i'm telling ya- that on t-shirt or a surfboard-,
or print it out onto canvas really big,
you'll be rich, rich i tells ya.

lach said...

i should add that, clearly,
all of that 'reference' you've downloaded over the years is clearly paying off

Marcelo Vignali said...

What a wonderful bunch of sketches. I look at your work and think to myself, whadda lucky/happy bastard. He must have a lot of fun drawing this stuff.

Lena said...

Greetings!Fine you draw!Very much it is pleasant to me!How are you doing?In Moscow it is normal, but a frost!Bye!

Danniel Soares said...

Wow, just 17, colorblind, and all that skill??? Impressive. There's another artist I came to know that is colorblind, his name is Julio Cesar, I think, I saw some of his works on CAC (or maybe CAG). I find quite a bit troublesomedo deal with colors not being colorblind, I can't imagine how you guys do. Awesome work!

FerdinandKreozot said...

Hehe thanks all fo those comments.
Danniel, only one correction, I am 37, not 17 :)