Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Meet the Cucks

Harry Cuck, suburban patriarch And his cheery middle class family.
Harry is a good husband and really kind father.
His wife Penelope is a housewife who dedicates her whole days to the charity work and helping others.
She spends a lot of time volunteering for the
"Friendly Universal Charities Knighthood To Help Eliminate Worldwide Instances of Failed Education"
And she gives selflessly, sometimes even bringing her work home. Harry is a very supportive husband.
Harry's little daughter Ginger, his pride and joy, is the most favorite cheerleader on the team, very popular with the jocks and cool black guys who often take her out on a group parties, and her company is in a high demand. Harry sometimes hears her jock friends saying how she "puts out a lot" and his heart swells with pride. His little girl sure puts out a lot- her heart and her soul, and lots and lots of hard work! And when she shows up at home in the morning after a party, her hair a mess and her make-up smudged all over, Harry knows she must have done a lot of singing and dancing to encourage and motivate those boys to win the next game.
Harry's son Robert is another success story, a cheery boy with a lot of friends who visit often, and spend hours together in Robert's room, listening to the "Frankie" and practicing their first kisses, so they can impress girls when the dating time comes...
Aaanyhow, that's the Cucks...


PS, I know it's been a long time since the last post, but I am tired as a dog so fuck it, but I will try to post more often.


Oscar said...

It's amazing how your drawings always tell stories. Oh, yes, you tell stories too, and they are worth the time that takes the reading!

Vincenzo said...

The posts may not come often but each one's a PEARL!!!!

...now off to do a search on the organization Penelope volunteer's for :)

LFW said...

OMG LOL! ha ha ha, man that harry cuck reminds me of my doddering old animation lecturer who had an asian mail order bride that he had two daughters with who ended up cheating on him with several men, they're divorced now, but he was exactly the same way, totally clueless to her obvious unfaithfulness, ha ha

man this are horrible but genious

cheers to you

your pal


lach said...

this is cucking gold!
just the looks on their faces makes me laugh. even the little thumbnail of him on his computer makes me laugh.
what a cucking waste of your talent your day job is mr tunjic

Monkeyfeather said...

Thanks for introducing us to the Cucks! Great sketches!

FerdinandKreozot said...

Hah, thanks guys.
I am glad you like it. It's sad and funny, depending on the angle you take.
Did someone got that stupid charity name abbreviation?
I came up with it in like five minutes , so I know it sucks, but it's meant to be funny.

Thanks for posting and visiting,



Vincenzo said...

...yes my friend!! That's why I did a Google search for the local chapter...I'd love to make a donation!!!!

You're the best!

BogatiStric said...

Hehe,odlicni su ti svi
ovi likovi,Milenko.
Sto rece neko gore,odmah se
nasmejem kad vidim ove tvoje face:)
mislim naravno u pozitivnom smislu,
toliko su dobri.I naravno svaki put
se pitam,oces li uraditi neki strip
sa njima,da to bude obljavljeno,
pa da citamo kao ljudi:)
Enivej,hvala na postu na mom blogu,jos nisam dosao do dirty delova,ili sto bi rekli porno-a,
razvlaci scenarista pricu,pa onda i ja razvlacim crtanje,i tako smo nesto usporili i razvlacimo,te zbog toga jos nema ``sustine`` i konkretne ``akcije``,znas na sta mislim;)
Kako ide sa Markom Kraljevicem>jesi
mozda poceo nesto?

13toon's said...

wow your work is amazing, thank you for the comment i had a lot of fun drawing that monkey. you have so much life in my work, can't wait to see whats next. bye 4 now

FerdinandKreozot said...

Thanks again guys,
Vinc, I'm glad :)



dzuka said...

i would soooooo love to read a comic with that story and these characters! brilliant! : )

Alexei Martins said...

Oh GOD!!!Hahaha fun but bizarre!
Awesome sketches!!!


Mick said...

I literally just leapt out of my chair and performed a 540 spin laning the wrong way round and bumping my face on the chair..... very wonderful

cheeers to YOU there fella

GeeBee said...

Great family, Ferdinand !!