Sunday, April 29, 2007

Name ish Bond...

Man this is hard. I think I will go back to sketching cartooney stuff.
But it's fun!
And my respect for people doing this kind of stuff goes through the roof now.
This was done with my shitty, 7 year old wacom and it took me at least 4 hours.
Not to be repeated any time soon. My neck is as stiff as they come now.
Like Danny Gover said in one of those weapon movies, "I'm too old for this shit"
Porn is a bit more motivating though. So I might do one or 2 more :)



Wednesday, April 25, 2007


Both of which help me live my life the way I do.
I was very inspired by the works of awesome artist Patrick Mate (link to his blog is on the right :) ) So I decided to do some painterings of my own.
I did not necessarily want to rip off his stuff (as he is by far better artist than myself) but to merely explore the joy of painting silly in digital.
Now, being partially colorblind made it all heaps of fun, and loosing attention after five minutes added to the mix...
To make it better, hitting the "window" key instead of "alt" for color picker every single time and mostly screwing every keyboard shortcut in the process of painting due to the mistress dyslexia was an icing on the cake.
And the best was not having a slightest idea about how to approach this whole thing. probing in the dark helped me get everything out of the whack- not the proportions, I kind of wanted everything where it ended up being (note how I cleverly used expression "kind of" in that sentence), but I am used to constructing stuff a bit, and here I started from the eye and went wherever it took me. I wander what it looks like flipped.
Aanyhow, I sure nailed this one I:^P .
In my dreams...
And finally, all the pornography I've downloaded off the intornet since 1997 becomes tax deductable as I started using it as a reference.

Aanyhow, other than that, all was fun.

Ah yes, I also forgot my bank pin number.
That sucks.



Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Moving on...

Fun with wacom.
No paper and pens have been used in creation of this crap.
One evening's work, felt a lot like a cigarette, and did this to keep my mind away.
Many more sketches were done, but these were picked as the tip of the crapberg :)
Also, what's the name of that Mandrake's girlfriend?
His manservant's name was Lothar as far as I remember, and I think that good old Lee Falk made her a princess of some kind, but her name escapes me.
Also, no reference has been used for these, so they should be fairly out of whack.



Monday, April 23, 2007

Ishe the Labyrinth Queen

Quick and crappy.
Actually, it sucks big time.
Nowdays, I catch myself reaching for "undo" buttons when I draw on paper.
Often I wish the life itself had a ctrl+z function.
By now, my "life keyboard" would wear itself out.
I feel like shit, and here's an appropriate piece of art complimenting the way I feel.



Thursday, April 19, 2007

Pawpeye is here...soo...NSFW once again.

Second last, and I am free of this curse.
Drawing these is fun, but takes a lot of time, and I would much rather do random sketches.
But, I have to finish this "saga", so here we go.
Big one is up :)
Cheers to all for visiting,



Ps. all those little links on the right hand side will take you to some awesome artists and their work. I handpicked them all and each one of them is different, yet awesome on his/her own right.
So if you have some time to kill, and are looking for some better art than this crap you're looking at here, just visit, and you will be pleased, guaranteed.
Cheers again.

Tuesday, April 17, 2007

You maniacs! You blew it up! Ah, damn you! God...damn you all to hell!

I am finally back from whatever other stuff I was doing and onto this blogging thing again.
I will tell all about my crazy adventures next time, because today I am going to whinge about this thing that shook the world.
And I feel sad for America.
All my sympathies go to you, people of United States- the last and only bastion of democracy in the world, with the rest of the world being filled with lunatics, crazy dictators, cave people, weirdos wrapping their heads in towels and some poor fucks thinking that the world owes them living.
This morning I've heard a horrible news that some fuck shot some people at some university in good ole' US of A.
Thirty few, 'ey?
And what makes me even more sad is that now NRA has to reach into their formaldehyde vats, and pull out well preserved Tom Selecks, Charleton Hestons and other washed up celebrities to explain the nation of retards who do not understand that it's people's constitutional right to load themselves with high-powered machine-guns and other modern tools of death and mass destruction, and that, if there was some sort of gun- controll situation introduced, the next morning entire country would be overrun by filthy nazies.
And if that happened, there goes the last bastion of democracy.
And NRA don't need this shit right now.
My heart in particular goes to mister Charlaton Heston. Having to get on TV and tell it like it is.
He was Ben Hur! He was fuckin' Moses, people!
He told those fucking maniacs.
He don't need this shit right now.
People should understand once for all, it is not the guns that kill people. It's crazy lunatics slinging innocent guns doin' it...
Either way, ghastly deed it was.
As is customary on this here blog, this rant is followed by a non related sketch.
The sketch is of a club-footed tap-dancing midget.
I don't know. After I wrote all this other stuff, I got me a pen and that's the first thing that popped in my head. Club-footed tap-dancing midget.
And tomorrow,
Next pawpeye, finally.
And Milenko's adventures of the past few days.
Cheers to all,


Friday, April 06, 2007

Rakugaki fun

First of all, I would like to wish a happy Easter to all, and to wish you all some good times then.
As for news in my life...
Well, last night I got a visit from my old friend Nicotine. I did not see him for 7 weeks.
I am not too proud for allowing him back into my life and I hope that the visit was breef. However, we spent some quality time together and these here sketches are the result of our reunion.
So this post will be short as my urge to blabber greatly deteriorates while he's arround.
Hidden amongst the random sketches and some desigh research is a page specifically designed to offend many, from all walks of life.
Let's see if you can spot it :)
And let's hope that you few who visit sometimes do not get too pissed off because of my tactlesness.
I would just like to point out that my aunty is a Catholic nun (who declared me lost long ago) and that she prays for my soul on a daily basis. So, as you can see, my salvation is taken care of by the best in business :)
Cheers to you,


Tuesday, April 03, 2007

Damn grass!

I've noticed that I mostly bitch lately.
I may have turned into a bitch, the very type of the person I myself like the least.
For weeks, my wife's trying to make me clean the grass arround the house.
Finally, this weekend, it got to the point where I had to wrestle with carpet snakes and other backyard critters in order to collect my underwear from the clothing line. Also, my ceremonial "weekend smashing of malfunctioning equipment in the backyard" activites were a no-go due to condition of the yard.
After a few misshaps and lot of cursing I managed to crank-up my shitty hedger and get to it.
Long story short, grass (if you may call it that, as the word 'jungle' would be more appropriate) has been cut, and I ended up with a massive rush on my arm and a few other places that itches like hell. My suspicion is that tere's a plant or a bug living in my back yard that my skin doesn't like much. Even the chemist selling me a steroid cream this morning had a "what the fuck is that?!" expression on his face when I showed my arm to him.
Long story short, now I look more normal, and the arm stopped itching.
On a non related topic, I've been eating a lot of pumpkin seeds lately.
Aanyhow, I got to working on my next Pawpay thing, and hope to have it finished in the next couple of days, and here's a little teaser, for a few people still stopping by.
Guess who this is :) ?
Well, he's slowly working his way into the last two cartoons...