Sunday, May 27, 2007

Harr matey...PirateSofCarribeaN::curse of the CG monkey...

Image first, as the rant is pretty long and not everyone's cup of tea.

Gone are the days when Johnny Depp rocks in, dressed as a transsexual prostitute from the days long gone, and steals the show.
This time around it was a cg monkey that took the creme. And the only well timed funny gag was delivered by a parrot.
Anyhow, it was still fun, and still pisses buckets on "spandexman 3".
My kids loved it, and I almost managed to finish a jumbo sized popcorn without going into a salt induced fit. Those fucking popcorn buckets are ridiculous nowadays...

And now about Milenko:

He's alive!...still..

Well I've been away for a while now.
A lot of work at work, a bit of low batteries, and a few tv shows to catch up on.
And a movie or 2 in the mix, for the hell of it.
So I went through two seasons of Rome in 4 days, watched season 2 of Extras, a bunch of deadwood and some of upcoming movie silliness. And some youtube gold. I loved the one called "battle at Kruger" (if you enter that into the youtube search you'll se an awesome ass kicking between some lions, crocodiles and some water buffalo) I decided long ago not to link to any of those here. But I recommend it, cause it's cool.
Also saw a bunch of trailers for new and up-coming "next gen" games in making.
Movie trailers.
Rambo 4 trailer was a fucking joke. Talking about the cartoon violence.
Grabbing the guy by the neck, ripping his esophagus out and then pissing down his throat, WTF is that? When you see it in "Corgoth" or "Venture bros" it's kind of funny cause it's a cartoon comedy, but going as far as graphically displaying it in an action movie without any reason whatsoever, is ridiculous. Even good old Mel G could not get away with it.
Important thing is that the baby making still can not be shown on the screen. Imagine the horrors of that.
My kids are all cool with some guy's head being ripped off his shoulders on the screen, but if they ever saw schlong entering vagina, their poor brains would just melt into a mush. and I would have to mop up their drool for the rest of my life.
Die hard is as over the top as ever but it looks like a decent excuse to eat a bucket of popcorn.
Rome, in my opinion, kicked arse. Characters reminded me of David Gemmell at his best, it had a touch of sopranos and HBO's magic dust and John millus was involved. Sweet.
Four days of fun, until i saw it all. Awesome art direction too.
Extras were great. I laughed hard. Thanks to Ricky G, I finally got some respect for Orlando Bloom.
Deadwood was sweet as.
Starcraft II Intro movie looked really cool. Game play looked sweet. The best "Scissors-paper-rock" game I saw. Too bad I will not have the time to play that one, but it will surely be heaps of fun for anyone getting into it. I loved awesome little touches in the gameplay movie, such as Physics on stuff ad little space marines being cut in two in many dfferent ways. Fun.
On the other hand, Watching that naughty dog trailer for Uncharted was kind of embarrassing. Another proof that throwing pollies at the screen does not make a good game. It was funny listening to that guy talking about "next gen animation", and about "making the character realistic and believable through the use of hundreds of procedural animations being played at any given time". It was funny because he was saying it while the screen displayed Crash Bandicoot in a human form. There was nothing realistic looking about it. I felt awkward for the both of us.
As he was talking about super realistic stuff, character run through some waist deep water, and his pants were dry after he got out of it. Which in itself is ok, but not if you are bragging about realism at the same time.
Uncanny valley. The curse. The closer the CG look gets to the realism the more awkward the little mistakes look. That's why Pixar sticks and wins with cartooney.
Heavenly Sword Looks like another failure. They threw biig money to motion capture expressions of character's faces. It would be better if they sneaked into some Nintendo studio, and motion captured some gameplay because whatever game I saw in HS looked like "Devil may Cry" and "god of war" sticky-taped together with context sensitive action shown form a fixed angle. Sad.
But they dedicated entire cell to process character's hair, which btw looks different now.
Way to go.
Anyhow, I blabbered enough.

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Wednesday, May 09, 2007

And then...

Inspiration takes a hike and you end up with one of those "Why the fuck did i do this?" days...
So, this stuff I present to you today is not particularly exciting. I just thought the lighting was kind of interesting on the first one and the other one bored me in a sketching phase so I gave up.
Also, my friend of many years, Mr. Lach C. came up with an interesting idea on his blog, basis of which is that, instead of typing all this nonsense you write it on a piece of paper, decorate with some doodly artwork, and post your rant as an image.
I thought it would be great, and decided to do it like that myself. Might be tough though, as I am shit at spelling, and my handwriting is far from readable.
I will try it regardless.
Oh yeah, did I mention that Spiderman3 Sucked?
It sucked ass! And it was at least an hour too long. I feel like someone conned me out of 3 hours of my life, and how I will never get it back. The only thing that piece of crap was missing to turn me off totally was gay sex. Although, at times it got close.
Also, I saved my ticket for Pirates of Caribbean 2, and plan to use it to gain access to the cinema and view second half of the movie, which is getting released soon. I've been dying to find out how it ends for months now. Oh boy!

Off I go now,

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Monday, May 07, 2007

And weekends are even tougher...

(not in chronological order):
I fixed wife's car, cut down the palm tree, got haircut, finished "Venture bros", made some pancakes, took family to picnic, downloaded some pornography, finished cartoon of Dave's mom (free of charge) saw stupid Spiderman3, saw "stomp the yard" watched second season of "American Dad", visited some friends and spent the rest of the time sleeping.
And did some lame sketches.

Anyhow, such is life...



Wednesday, May 02, 2007

Worknights are tough...

So not much...
Some rough sketches in front of TV, with cg touchups.
Not much to talk about, so here it is: