Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Friday, June 08, 2007

proof of my stupidity.

I saw a pretty woman cover today, and I thought it would be funny if i spoof it.
I did it all for a single visual gag that's not that funny, and i think most people will miss it.
Anyhow, Likeness is not there, so think of these as a business man and a hooker.
It started as a joke, and ended up taking 7 hours to finish, most of the time being spent in a struggle to get any likeness whatsoever, and to translate any info off an image that was 400 pixels high.
And poorly colored, but do not blame me for that.

Bah, waste of time all of it.



If you go to my profile, I started another blog, there I post pictures of the books i have on my shelf.
Not too exciting to the most of you, but I think it's neat.

Cheers again.

Sunday, June 03, 2007

something old, something new

It was a crappy week that ended with a crappy weekend. I promised myself not to accept crappy commissions any more, and yet, there's few people I know I can not say no to.
Work I did I can't show yet anyhow, but it's nothing I will ever brag about, either money wise or quality of craft wise.
Anyhow, while doing it I remembered for a hundredth time my old friend, and his "shit pie" theory.
Friend's name was Pasaga, and he may or may not have been killed some time in 1994.
Aanyhow, he always claimed how it's impossible to make a shit pie. Even if you did make it, no one would eat it.
I remember him often when I do commissions, as with each one I prove him wrong.
I've made many a shit pie, and I've seen clients gulp them down, and even give me a pat on the back for my culinarry skills.
By a shit pie I mean my commissioned work, which is usually done with me desperately trying to prevent my lunch from leaving my body the same way it got into it while doing it.
Anyhow, in my spare time today I was also going through my old CD backups from the days long gone (which, btw, are never properly labelled, if at all) and I found a few gems I did years ago.
If I could only see them then the way I see them now, I would have quit this misery long time ago, and got far in my bus driver career.
Anyhow, here's some old and some new crap.

Cheers to all,