Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Tribute to an internet cutie...

And by cutie, I meant a pornstar.
There's many others, but she proves that the quality never goes out of style.
Apparently there's softcore and even hardcore moving pictures of her all over the place, but i never felt compelled to search and find.
And this sketch does her no justice, but I can not be bothered to work on it more, or to try again.
It took an hour as it is, and I like it enough to share.

That's all for now,



Sunday, October 21, 2007

Epic & sometimes erotic adventures of Knight Marco

Finally starting to tell some tales from the old country.
Knight Marco was an epic hero from the old folk tales, standing up to turks and defending the conquered population during the times of the Turkish empire.
Historically, I do not know much about him, except that he was a Turkish vassal and that he died in some battle fighting FOR the Turkish Empire.
Funny I said that, because I know even less about his epic fame, I think he drank half the wine, and gave second half to his loyal steed...
And he was picking all kinds of fights.
Also, I did no research about his outfit or any costumes from those times, but I will.
I'll also try to check some stories about him, it might help I guess.
I was heavily inspired and entertained by a little page that Ivan S (BogatistriC over on the left side in my links) did, that I kept on sketching over the past few days and I had heaps of fun.
Anyhow, not much to show, other than a first few quick sketches that convey the mood and characters.

Cheers to all,


Wednesday, October 03, 2007

Ah well, life goes on...

That Wieringo stuff sucks!
44 y.o., healthy lifestyle, and then BANG! heart goes off.
And Luke was tellin' me that Denis Bodart took his web blog down to pay respect. His blog address is an ad for porn websites and other web junk now.
Ah well.
I am 37 and yet to get even to where Mike was (both artistically and life wise).

Aaanyhow, on with this blogging business.
I came back from holidays and I can tell you:
Being broke sucks. Bills keep on coming, more than ever and there's no money in the bank.
But fuck that. I will just cut a few bits out of the budget and I will be fine.
Electricity and running water are overrated so they are the first to go.
I took no shower for 4 days, and they say I smell no worse than when I did not take shower for 2 days. So it's all good. I read in a book once that when you reach 14 days worth of smell, you can smell no worse from there on. Well it seems to be 2 days worth of smell for Milenko.
Fortunate thing is that I do not have to impress anyone with my immaculate grooming anyhow.
It is also a perfect excuse to stop my wife from yelling at me for not washing my feet.
As for the rest of the family smelling bad around me and pushing their smelly shirts in my face, the joke is on them- chronic rhinitis fucked my nose to the point where I can not smell anything any more. So, you see, not having money for proper medical care of my nasal cavity in the past is paying off as we speak.
Electricity is tricky, but I will work around that one somehow. I still need some of it so I can power the internets and get me some porn off it.
I might siphon some power off my neighbors, they seem like nice people.
Next was petrol, but since it went over a dollar per liter, I've been wandering the streets late at night with a screwdriver, a piece of hose and a plastic container anyhow, so that one will not burden my budget in any case.
And finally, in regards to spending money on clothes, I checked at work, and swimming trunks and soiled "wifebeater" do classify as a casual attire, so I am all set there, as I own two pairs of each....
Soo, it's all good.
On another fronts,
Zelda "Phantom Hourglass" is hitting Aussie shores in a week, so I got me a piece of hard wire and started fishing some notes from my kids' piggy banks. Little shits now have more money than I.
I saw some people playing "heavenly sword" and it looked sweet, a bit better than I thought it would. I wish I could see more of the game play, but it was not meant to be, as they asked me to leave their front lawn and stop peaking through their window. Bastards!
Since the government outlawed "possuming" I have nothing to do on the evenings any more.
Naughty dog's "Uncharted" also looks somehow better than before.
Also, my sons' birthday was 3 days ago and I got him nothing. I told him I am getting him something special, so now I have to fix and wrap my tablet PC and pass it on to the next generation. I hated that piece of crap anyhow. Never get an Acer tablet, they suck.
On the TV side of things, "Curb your enthusiasm" started it's 6th season, so there's at least something to watch.
Aanyhow, this post is too long already and I will cut it here, to continue at some point in the future. I do not want my guests here to freak out and to think that I am some kind of a weirdo.
Here's some sketches I've done over the last week. It's a slim picking, but hey even if I did have more, they would suck just as much, so I am sparing your eyes from looking at some more hideous art.

Cheers to you all,