Sunday, February 03, 2008

Ah , man, it's been soo long


I am glad this thing is still here :)
First of all, apologies to anyone still stopping by for not posting anything in a month or so.
Reasons are many.
It was a break, I turned 38, got depressed, got the whole lot of David Gemmell's books as a birthday gift from my lovely wife, and I just could not put them down, so instead of drawing, I spent all my spare time reading.
It was a wonderful experience, almost like going on a vacation in a place and time that never was, and observing the lives of some awesome characters.
Druss the axeman aka Deathwalker.
Waylander the assasin.
Lion of Macedon.
Jerusalem man.
These are only a few of the shady heroes that can teach you about honor and heroism, supported by hundreds of others.
David Gemmell, it is truly a shame you went away so soon.
May you rest in peace, and may you know that your words still bring me joy.


I will say more when my mood gets better and I hope to update from now on on a weekly basis.
As for the work I share here, it is pretty lame, but all I scraped for this occasion.
A bit of a lifedrawing, some sketches, and not too great digital painting.
Ahh well it's only the beginning of 2008, and I hope that my skill gets better and I pick up the pace :)

Cheers to you all,



dzuka said...

ooooh, he's back! with vengeance! : )
love the sketchies! and that digital painting might be imperfect, but it's still great! so much character and little nice details there, like shadow of a nipple on her tigh! : )

pozdrav, care!

Vincenzo said...

Welcome back...and Liv Lindeland
was incredible, great job on her!!!

Tooninator said...

nice to have ya back :)

LFW said...

these are great man,

Btw, how r those pieces of artwork coming along for the gallery show? there are only a handful of weeks left, sir



flaviano said...

i'm starting to think that you are dead under a huge pile of playboy ;)
instead you are healthy enough to paint and draw nice boobs!
have good work!

neikos said...

Welcome back Milenko.
Always a pleasure to see your girls. :D



GeeBee said...

Happy Blog Year, Milenko !
...hey, I remember that girl was in an old issue centerfold of Playboy mag, IIRC ...


Mick said...

cool cool... nice way of using light on that right tit there... very effective

Monkeyfeather said...

You are a killer talent my friend. Beautiful stuff. The painting is quite stunning. Great light combined with a nice use of caricature.

BOKY said...

Happy belated birthday:)
Good to have you back...and to see some new stuff. The blond is a ever:)

Pierre "Pit" Graf said...

I love boobs too.
Happy birthday.
Your are not too old for posting again.


tiho said...

e covjece, svaka ti cast!
vrlo inspirativno!

Thorsten Hasenkamm said...

Nice painting!

Eric Talbot said...

HA! that monster with kid sketch is funny. Looking forward to more MIlenko goodness!

Reynes said...

I love your so sexy playmate ! :)

AnaBananacita said...

Happy belated birthday!

RogerHaus said...

its amazing this illustration!!!!
Is painted with Photoshop?