Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Holy crap!

it sure was a loong time.
Well, what can i do?
I have a perfect excuse- I forgot how to draw and I had to learn it from scratch again.
And I am not joking.
On the other side, My brother has arrived from the old place and I want to spend as much of whatever little time I have left from work to be with him and catch up on 13 years of stuff.
Having him around has been fun so far :)
Also, stuff at work is draining all the juice I can gather, so it's been tough this last month or so.
I also have spent a week in LA , due to some company sponsored research, and what an experience that was!
Well, not really.
Hollywood is kind of smallish, so I ended up fairly disappointed.
And the rest of LA is ridiculously big.
Anyhow, I will talk about this and other stuff much more next time.
And here's a bunch of digital sketches based arround sme of the collected reference images of Monica Bellucci, which I may or may not have stolen from the message boards of Frank Cho, very boards I may or may not have been trolling for some years now.
Anyhow, I am not sure about getting the likeness, for all I cared she could have been anybody, I just liked poses and colours.
And I had fun.
All done in 2 evenings, a couple of hours each time.


Will talk here again soon,

Thanks for visiting,



Ben Newman said...

those are gorgeous!
i particularly like the one on the right, the expression is spot on.
don't leave it so long before the next update eh?!

neikos said...

Welcome back, Milenko.

Great stuff my friend.



R.Dress said...

Wow you really managed to capture the essence of these individual man eaters.

Reynes said...

Beautifull ones :)
Great work on the left one's clothes.


Vincenzo said...

Delicious...Monica & the Paintings!!!

Thanks for posting, always a visual delight!

All the best,

Terry said...

always a treat, man. good to see you posting again. this post made me check out cho's forum to see more of these photos for strictly drawing purposes of course.

Thorsten Hasenkamm said...

Great stuff as always!

pbcbstudios said...

Hey Milenko, thanks for the comment! - man, bellucci is number one on my list. Can't get enough of her - great paintings!

Christian said...

Dude like whoa! I love the kinky boots one . I tried to do a similar stunt recently but failed miserably. Picture I mean not the boots.

info said...

I love it I love it I love it I love it!!!

Great way of working! I like this style a lot. Could you give a description how you build up your drawing? Do you work on a Wacom Cintic?

Love to hear from you!

With kind regards Esther

George Cwirko-Godycki said...

incredible, these studies are so lush

dzuka said...

whoa! it's been awhile, but worth waiting for! though the other three are lame in comparison with the one with blue background. that one's absolute masterpiece in its simplicity!

V. Kenneth Jackson said...

Awesome digital painting. I love the detail, but at the same time you keep it loose. Great Stuff.

BOKY said...

Aaaa she's lovely, especially the one with her tongue sticking out!;)
Anyway, looking forward to reading more about Holywood and LA and the other stuff you wanted to write about...have fun with your brother!:)

BogatiStric said...

As everyone said,awesome work,tottaly awesome...meni je
ova ``crvenkapica`` najacha,nisam
mogao pola sata da odvojim pogled;)
Svaka cast.