Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Woo-hoo, two posts in one month!

Now, how cool is that?
I have a lot to talk about, but it's 2 AM now, so I will just upload this here sketches.
If you expect something cool and sweet, you could and will get disappointed...
Ah well, I will update the post with more stuff tomorrow.
Cheers to you all and thanks for visiting,




jacks said...


BogatiStric said...

Hehe,najveci si car Milenko,
ovi tvoji likovi su za Oskara,
kunem ti se.

locosketcho said...

Wow Milenko ! I just clicked on you art blog, you are crazy awsome ! Keep it up amigo.


- Danica

Oscar said...

hi, friend! It's good to see new stuff from you. I've been kind of disconnected and trying to get back to updates, normal life and healthy blog reading.
See you here anytime.

Ben Newman said...

hey milenko
nice big juicy update!

Monkeyfeather said...

Brilliance just oozes from your pencil and brush. You seriously ROCK!

Vincenzo said...

Ahhh...You sneaked a few in when I wasn't looking (must check everyday, must check every day, must..)!!!

Always worth the wait!!

Stay well!

bpresing said...

Very inspiring work. Makes me want to draw.

Alex said...

Great drawings!!Really amazing your stuff.

FerdinandKreozot said...

Thanks for the cheers guys.



joker illustration said...

Really great job...!