Friday, February 22, 2008


This is a quick PS sketch (by quick I men about an hour and a half) based on a photo of a girl who calls herself Lacey.
I believe she's a fellow artist who's young and likes to take photos of herself.
I liked this one, there was something about the atmosphere in it when I saw it so I decided to have a stab at making it worse :)
And I succeeded, bringing more misery to my anyhow screwed up life.
As for the rest of my life, let's see...

My funds are totally depleted, because I wanted my younger brother from the old country to come and visit me and the rest of my family here,and, unfortunately, Australian immigration office had decided they do not trust me, being the filthy Bosnian- Australian rat that I am, and demanded I deposit $8000.00 as a security bond, which they will keep to themselves, should my brother try to make a quick buck here by cleaning toilets or mixing concrete or should he miss his plane home.
At first, I was angry, being treated as a second class citizen, a liar and a cheat, and even the attempts from some of my Aussie friends who tried to explain to me how such measures were necessary since my kind can not be trusted, could not cheer me up.
And then I thought about it a bit more and said "fuck it all!"
And fuck you all you cockheads who find it necessary to fucking explain to me why it is as it is and why it is justified action for the government to fuck me in the ass.
Anyhow I took another personal loan to get the money I needed for the deposit, being forced to take $1300.00 bucks worth of the "loan protection insurance" which was put on top of the amount of my loan so I pay interest on that amount as well, and now all is sweet and mellow in the land of Milenko.
Also, since financial burden and fucked up life full of mortgages and shitheads selling you crap you do not need is not enough to beat an idiot such as myself in submission, healthwise I felt like shit for the past few months so I went and saw a doctor, did blood tests and found out that fucking Hashimoto autoimune malfunction is banging my thyroid real good, and now I have to take fucking tyroxin to bring it back to some sort of normal level.
To top it up my body good cholesterol levels are shit, I have fucking chest pains and joints on my fingers are sore as hell and all that pisses me off.
And yet I live another day.
God , if such a being exists, must be pissing himself laughing, and I am his joke.
Anyhow, it will all pass and get better, or it won't. I do not give a fuck.
On a positive note,
Me, LF Webber and Lachlan C are having some sort of intimate art exhibition somewhere here in Brissie called "three tenners", as there is three of us and we are submitting 10 pieces of art each. We will be trying to flog the art and squeeze some buck out of it. In my case, I will charge at least a hundred bucks a piece. I decided to donate the money to the "Milenko's self preservation fund" meaning that I will try to hide it from my wife and kids and use it to purchase some goods and services which should help my tortured and malnourished body to regain some of it's strength and flexibility.
Also, my wife nowdays looks better than ever (at least to me), still loves me, and my son has got himself a girlfriend.
Anyhow, this has been a long rant and I feel like sleeping now, so...

Cheers to you all,



Sunday, February 03, 2008

Ah , man, it's been soo long


I am glad this thing is still here :)
First of all, apologies to anyone still stopping by for not posting anything in a month or so.
Reasons are many.
It was a break, I turned 38, got depressed, got the whole lot of David Gemmell's books as a birthday gift from my lovely wife, and I just could not put them down, so instead of drawing, I spent all my spare time reading.
It was a wonderful experience, almost like going on a vacation in a place and time that never was, and observing the lives of some awesome characters.
Druss the axeman aka Deathwalker.
Waylander the assasin.
Lion of Macedon.
Jerusalem man.
These are only a few of the shady heroes that can teach you about honor and heroism, supported by hundreds of others.
David Gemmell, it is truly a shame you went away so soon.
May you rest in peace, and may you know that your words still bring me joy.


I will say more when my mood gets better and I hope to update from now on on a weekly basis.
As for the work I share here, it is pretty lame, but all I scraped for this occasion.
A bit of a lifedrawing, some sketches, and not too great digital painting.
Ahh well it's only the beginning of 2008, and I hope that my skill gets better and I pick up the pace :)

Cheers to you all,