Thursday, March 06, 2008


Bunch of sketches.
My shame.
Nowadays, I sketch so little, I have to resort to posting half arsed jubble which I scraped off the lunch napkins telephone notepads and toilet paper...
I also finished "Hero in the Shadows" and it was awesome!
it was also the last Gemmell's book I had to re-read.
Also, a funny story, or just half of one: I have this habit of putting stuff behind my ears. Usually it's cigarettes, pens and pencils stationary and stuff, but another day, I lost my mind so much that i tried to put a sandwich behind my fucking ear. I got mayonnaise all over my hair, but I could not be fucked to wash my hair again, so I just put the cap on and went to work.
At work, I made myself a cup of coffee, and proceeded to smoke my fucking Staedtler brush pen, one of very few I still have left. After I realised what I have done, I replaced pen with the cigarette, and all was sweet.
But then, half an hour later, i went to the toilet and freaked out when I saw that my lips were totally black. I did not realize that the cap on the pen fell of brfore I've put it in my mouth, so I was walking around the office like an idiot with black painted lips and no one said anything, I guess because my misery was bringing them joy, or because I looked as if I got sand in my vagina, and no one wanted to upset me further...
Aanyhow, that's it.
Apologies and promises of better work next time,