Tuesday, May 13, 2008


Another Post.
Slim pickings once again. but hey, the show must go on.
And the news from my life...
My brother is sure fun to have around. He has a couple of weeks of his visit left, and I already know I am going to miss him quite a bit once he departs.
Last time we truly spent some time together was when he was 14, so meeting him again at the age of 28 sure was fun. I realized we have heaps in common and he is truly a resourceful person.
Two things I've learned from him so far:
1- All the electrical equipment runs on this thing called blue smoke.
Proof of that is the fact that once the electrical equipment releases blue smoke, it stops functioning.
2- Should you choose to test the depth of a bucket filled with sulfuric acid by putting your bare hand in it, you will discover that, no matter how deep you push your arm in the bucket, you can not reach the bottom.


He's really cool.

Anyhow, in regards to other stuff, I saw that game called GTA 4 and I have discovered that the main protagonist of the violence fest that it is is a fellow countryman named Niko Billic.
Fucking awesome.
All that war and all those lives lost are finally paying off!
Who could hope.
Now all the geeky kids who dream about stealing cars then fucking some whores and shooting them in the head afterwards, or even better- running them over with their vehicles, can do that while playing in the shoes of some thug from the old country.
Yes geek kids, go ahead do it.
Fuck yeah!
I wanted to see more gameplay but apparently my fancy neighbor's kids with their fancy color TV have issues with people standing on their front lawn and peeking through their window at 11 PM, so long story short, now I have a brand new restraining order and a federal police record.
It sucks when it happens for the third time in one month.
That's all for today.
Ah, yes, I also discovered this mexican dude called Bazaldua or something, who does illustrations for this Mexican pornographic magazine called Chambeadoras, and I loved his work, so for my next post I want to try some of that style.
Hope it happens soon.

Cheers to you all,