Saturday, August 23, 2008

Thinking out loud

Once again.
As I was getting this stuff ready, I had this huge rant coming up about all these things that have been piling up in my head for a while now, but now I feel quite depleted so the ranting will not be happening. :(
Some of the things I will now never write about involved that huge Hardon particle collider(heh, I know it's Hadron, I just said hardon because I think that there was this small penised dude, who in order to compensate for his diminutive genitalia, instead of using the grab and pull procedure or a vacuum pump as any other pencildick, studied hard to become physicist or something, then he proceeded to build some retarded monstruosity to compensate for his cock department insufficiency. And a bunch of retarded governments and military agencies threw money at him and his small schlonged buddies hoping that by accident, while they are accelerating their poop to the speed of light in an underground-multi kilometer-vacumised-absolute zero cooled tunnel, they may come up with some fucked up weapon that could be used to bomb or scare the shit out of those fanatical rugheads or other islamic commie terrorist assholes.)
(Anyhow, I realize that it is politically incorrect to call those poor people "rugheds", but it is OK to level their cities with bombs and run everyone over with tanks and stuff. I was just trying to be sarcastic.)

Wow, It's coming back, so I guess a bit of a rant won't hurt.
Fuck you nuclear physicists!
May Einstein come up from his grave and fuck you all up your stupid arses.
Instead of risking to doom us all how about you go and try to invent some pill that cures some disease, or create a cookie that will either bring the peace to the world or at least taste really, really nice.
Or maybe feed the hungry with that money you spent on the Hardon or something.
Don't build tunnels for billions of dollars and then set shit off without any fucking idea what's going to happen.
Funny thing is that in principle I do not care, but it still pisses me off.
The most possible thing is that it will not work, and end up being the longest, most expensive septic tank in Europe.
Another thing, today I had a nice meal and decided to pour myself a glass of coke.
It took me two sips to realize that I poured coke in an ashtray that was sitting next to the empty glass and in no way resembles the glass itself.
Boy was I pissed off.
Rage is gone now, and I hope no men in black or angry small genitalised physicists knock on my door for my above comments.
But on the other hand, it would be a nice break, because ever since those Jehovas Witnesses stopped stopping by I have no one to converse with.
Last one of those religious people knocking on my door was this old dude who stopped by to discuss (and I guess get me to assist him to find a solution) for that whole "creation vs evolution" blunder.
I was trying really hard to help him but I guess I bored him so much that he, eventually, really politely asked me if he could leave as it was getting late and his wife was waiting for him outside.

And now to the post!
Most of the work I share here today could barely be called sketches.
They are some sort of image shorthand I use when I am thinking about stuff, and at the time I did these, I was thinking about a story I would like to draw or write one day.
Most likely I never will, but hey, I can still have my dreams.
Anyhow, they are couple of minutes doodles, done on an old A2 sketchpad while sitting on my couch late at night with whatever writting device was near by at the moment.(they were total pain in the arse to scan, as my scanner is shitty A4 canon)
Putting them together and polishing them just to make them somewhat readable was pain in the arse as well. But I feel good for doing it.
They are bad visually, but having them here might motivate me to do more, and maybe pick up on writing.
Story they are trying to tell is about this fantasy world, tyrants who took it over and a band of missfits and outlaws trying to destroy the evil for all the wrong reasons.
That sounded quite clishe and generic.
But do I care? - No.
Last few are more like sketches, still really fast, computer coloured. And the last one is a paintover of an old sketch I found while shuffling some old stuff around. I think it was originally meant to be Heather Graham, but in the end, it loks like some chick on a bike.
Eh, so what. It's still good I guess.

Btw, I hope my rants do not scare anyone off, and if they do, sorry :(
I blame hormonal disbalance, poor upbringing and social skills and the lack of good stuff im my diet.

Cheers to all,


Monday, August 11, 2008


Started fiddling with the idea of drawing Betty Boop.
I would like to say "I don't know why" but actually, there was this nice guy who asked me to, and I was bored today so I decided to have a stab at it...
I did not have a proper reference to look at, just a random small image I got off the net (I could not be bothered to look for more) and a few childhood memories, so I know it's heaps off model.
Actually, I would still like to do another, more decent take on her, because now I have some ideas about where would I like to go with it now.
But this is all I have atm. As I do more, I will keep on adding to this post (becoming a bit of a lazy custom of mine), as I find it pain in the arse to start a new post each time I have a scrappy sketch to share.
I will keep my rants and whinges (which are piling up btw) for my next post or some other time.
Cheers to all of you guys still visiting,