Sunday, October 12, 2008


...Boob grab from "Star Wars".
I saw it on one of those motivational posters and I thought it was fit for me to draw as I always wanted to do a SW tribute.
I did it reel quick, about an hour of work with my Wacom from the days loong gone.
It is funny. I have changed four of five computers since I bought this thing, it connects through a serial port and has a burn stain on the top left corner, but still does wanders.
Cintiq would be nice, but at this stage not only can I not afford a 3 grand piece of fancy next gen electronics but I can not afford a ballpoint pen.
But who cares it's only money and this here old girl still serves me well.
Anyhow, on another note, I thought that the last week was my last days on this here earth.
I felt dizzy as hell, my neck was stiff and sore, muscles in my face started cramping and my heart was beating like crazy.
Also my left collar bone looked bent, and since I noticed it I started freaking out like crazy.
I took a day off work on Friday, tried to sleep it off (which did not work) and finally packed my shit and went to see a doctor fearing the worst.
However, It seems that the collar bones are not symmetrical on most people anyhow, and mine is twisted due to the years of my cramped shitty posture when I draw or use a PC, and I was dizzy and had crumped muscles due to the fucking Tyroxin pills I've been taking because of the stupid Tyroid problem I had.
I stopped taking the bastards yesterday, instantly fet much better and I have been ok today.
They sent me to do a blood test so I should find out soon if that was the cause of the fuckup.
Anyhow, I feel better so it is all good.
Bah, I do not even know why I share this shit here.


That's it for today,

Cheers to all,


Wednesday, October 01, 2008

Finally something to share!

And not much.
I've been sick with some weird flu for 3 weeks, and my teeth have been killing me.
I was also busy at work and so on.
And what the fuck is wrong with the us economy.
I checked the market and found out that all of my supposedly fucking retirement money is gone.
Anyhow, here's some quick sketches, both digital and the old fashioned ones.
I am surprised anyone still visits, considering that I have not updated for a million years.
That is so awesome!

Cheers to you all,