Sunday, February 22, 2009

Unemployed and loving it!

Well I thought it will be very productive period, but doing nothing is so cool, I had no time to do anything else.
I've worked for so long I forgot how it feels. Staying up 'till 3 AM, waking up at noon, dragging my arse around the house, hitting shopping malls and buying nothing, watching Dr Phil, it all rocks.
Another day I finally fulfilled my years long dream of neglecting my personal hygiene for several days, waking up at 11 AM on Tuesday morning, dragging my ass to the movies and watching one half price, then wandering mall corridors for the rest of the day.
But, as the life would have it, at least for Milenko, not all is good.
You see, a couple of years ago, I went for a visit to the old country and in the spur of the moment decided to get me some new teeth. Awesome idea, right?
Dental work over there is of a good quality and the price is a joke. So it sounded like a perfect time to get that smile I never dreamed of.
Back in the old country, in the days of long forgotten War of the 90's, somehow and somewhere, I lost my teeth. Well, most of them. It had something to do with poor diet and stress, my teeth would just decide it is time for us to part our ways and I would wake up in the morning, pull my toothbrush out and try to give them a rub, and they would just snap and fall out. Worst one was my number 3 in the top left side because when I went to the dentist at the time to take the root of it out he had run out of any anesthetic so he tried to pull it out cold turkey. Bastard tooth would not give so he had to put his foot next to my head and rip it out like a rusty nail. My head hurt for a moth afterward. So, ever since, people have told me that my smile had reminded them of a poor people's graveyard with my remaining teeth looking like worn down tombstones at various angles and stages of decay.
So it was obvious that I would go for some new ones once the opportunity presented itself. Well, problem was that I got them fitted 2 days before my flight back to Australia and never had any adjustments done.
Long story short, now my whole left side of the face is pissed off and I am nervous as hell.
Tomorrow, I will go and get me some good old tooth ripping, and hopefully the pain and irritation will be removed with the tooth itself.
Anyhow, here's some sketches I did while doing nothing. They have been done in half asleep stage while laying on my recliner and some of them may or may not have been inspired by the famous characters of some videogames I was watchng my kids play.

On another note, I swear that my next post is only days away, as I seem to have started picking up on this sketching thingy.

Cheers to all who visit,




Amaroo said...

Hey! Am I the first one to comment on this?
I am so glad that you've decided to try some freelancing, 'cos you really sounded like you hate your old job. You already know I love your stuff, so I am keeping my fingers crossed for you.

Your teeth story reminds me of an often repeated dream I have - how I wake up , go to brush my teeth and they start to fall one after another. I also often dream about giving birth... no idea why.
Those people who dream of flying... are some lucky bastards!
cheerz :)

Pavel Jakubec said...

Good work!

Nico Di Mattia said...

Your artworks are definitely amazing!!

paint paint paint said...

Love your stuff.

Peter Yong said...

Those sketches are so slick!

Ha ha! Princess peach is sooo seedy!
And Bowzer is badass!

Mick said...

marvellous drawings and the tooth story is terrible, which means it fits in just fine with the way everything has been going for you. Just remember that life is suffering and all will be fine when you are finished with it.... that is what keeps me going

all the best old bean

Tooninator said...

wicked sketches, although it's creepy to see the Mario crew that way.





Yer_man_in_japan said...

Now that a princess peach. I suspect there are another few sketches along the lines of your popeye illustrations. That we havent seen? Great stuff. all the best. -David