Thursday, February 26, 2009

Wow, second post in less than a week!

What a champ I am.
Well, on Tuesday the tooth came out. And with it, another tooth.
So now I have no more teeth on the upper left side. And the hole is so big that i could plant medium sized tree in it.
And my face is sore and I've lost 3 kilos in 3 days. So if it works that way, all I have to do is loose 3 more teeth and would reach my ideal weight which I never gave shit about.
But seriously. Left half of my face is sore, and a gland somewhere around my jaw got really pissed off at me. So swallowing now is a real pain in the ass. But funny thing is that, when you freak out, you start swallowing your own saliva like crazy.
And that does not help.
And I feel miserable.
To make me feel better, my wife went out and bought the best, tastiest peaches the world has ever seen. Only problem is I fear chewing, so I can only sit and watch her and the kids treat themselves to some tasty goodness. Even watching them munch on stuff makes me cringe in my current state.
First day, I was in a lot of pain and I did a bunch of crap sketches. First 2 images in the row.
Then, yesterday and today, I was digging through my pc and I found 2 images I really liked and wanted to do my silly paintings of them, so the following imge is that. Black and white. Unfortunately, i did not have much patience and could not keep my attention span, so I gave up on them pretty quickly. And they are doomed to remain like that- rough and unfinished, as I never go back and try to fix things.
The rest is some old crap from the days long gone, not much good I guess.
Anyhow, until the next time,

Cheers to all,





I'm sorry to hear our having a rough time. Thanks for posting the drawings though.. Your work certainly doesn't tell me that you where having a tough time.

The paintings you do of the girlies are VERY SMART!... Great rendering and exaggeration.

Beyond the praise I hope you start feeling better soon man.


Joey Lee said...

THe amount of talent displayed here in this blog is staggering. I'm awestruck.

Nico Di Mattia said...

Your art and style are simply amazing!!!

lach said...

Ah man, thats a fucker about your teeth, my heart goes out to you- its sad when your body betrays you.
Still though your powers are undiminished, and good to seem some of that work seeing the light of day.

Vincenzo said...
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Vincenzo said...

Great, great stuff Milenko!!!

Sorry to hear about losing the steady does have it's advantages (even if it prevents you from doing the things you want to do most of the time). I'm sure though, with all your amazing talent something will break and in the meantime you might consider putting out a book of your stuff...I know alot of us would buy it, and I mean ALOT!!!

All the best Brother!!!!

Pete Mullins said...

Yo Milenko....

Even in the depths of pain you manage to create awesome work. Dude, you are such a talent!

I'm sure when word gets out that you're a free man the work will flood in and keep you well an truly swimming.

ibye said...


I found your blog through the and I just want to tell you how much I enjoy the fruits of your labor.
I can't stop looking at the beautiful girls that you so lovingly render as well as the rest of your amazing work, its inspiring.


Mat Brady said...

Hi Milenko,

Really sorry to hear about your teeth. I had my wisdom teeth out all in one go and it wasn't a pleasant experience. I hope you can heal quick at least.

Drawing-wise though... My god! I am struck by how awesome the b&w image of the evil priest and crew are. They're terrific! The priest and the silhouettes especially. I'm guessing they're for a game concept. Email me and tell me more about that one, coz that kicks arse! :D

I also enjoyed seeing the reinterpretation of my original Avalanche guy. Nice. :)

And finally, the sour faced girl in the bottom left corner is terrific. I particularly like her hip anatomy. You nailed that, for sure.

Terrific stuff, dude.

Oscar said...

amazing girlie stuff as always. Sorry to hear about your health issues. You are very brave to try the "solo" way. Maybe i should do the same

Patrick Schoenmaker said...

Your technique just baffles me, the loose brushy stuff maybe even more then your always sexy full-color ladies.

Reynes said...

I often make nightmares where I lose my teeth, it really scares me since my childwood...
I really hope you'll feel better soon.
As usual, your sketches are great and your ladies soooo ssssexy !

Damion009 said...

hay man, you work is off the wall.... DUDE!!! i really like your blog... hey i would love for you to take a look at my blog... hopefully you like my blog as much as i liked yours...