Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Whatever little skill I had...

Has left me.
I feel like shit still.
I have no energy to do anything. Just go to work, feel worthless, then crawl back home and do nothing.
I can't even force myself to do stuff.
Actually, I feel so low, I do not even care any more.
Only time I draw anything is on train, and those look like shit.
Here's few examples, please don't laugh.
Anyhow, I hope it all gets better,




Yeah Man, I hear you.
And I've been there, or am I still there?
Either way I see some wonderful drawings in here and I'm not laughing at all.

I kinda think that sometimes that if I didn't struggle with life or art or drawings that it just wouldn't be as rewarding.

Beyond all that, I truly hope you feel better soon man, and look forward to more posts.


Yer_man_in_japan said...

i wish i was that shit

Azzamckazza said...

I wish I was that shit too. I'd give my right nut to draw that good!

lach said...

Demon guys are great- especially octoface.
Don't let those people with their fancy coloured environments divert you from your good ideas here.

Michael said...

Awww...I hope that you feel better soon. I like your stuff. Always a pleasure. ^_^

Vincenzo said...

Your shit is our treasure brother!!!

We all get in a funk...but usually I'll see some kid in a wheelchair and say "Okay God, I get it!"

Stay well...we need you here!!!

monsieur glacon said...

your matt dillon look like fankestein or the opposite :)...(perhaps the ears ;))

Mick said...

I think they look great.. and I tell the truth of that there is no doubt.

don't worry too much. I have been in a funk for years. i plan on selling my tears on ebay. I have nearly three buckets filled with them.

Maxim said...

Frankestein monster look's awesome!

Reynes said...

No reason to laugh, your sketches are great ! You're an awesome gifted artist.
Hope you feel better soon.


Mozchopz said...

Lenko Milenko,
dont fight the drawing board, it'll win every time,
you need a change of scenery, head out into the mountains for a day (go through ashgrove via the zoo, say hello to the platypus)

say goodbye to the evil smelling funk

and return with a vengeance to the drawing board, watch it cower in your godly presence

nice drawings btw