Monday, April 06, 2009

Feeling better

Just so you know.
And yes, even when I felt like shit around the time of the previous post, it was just my professional persona with whatever little artist is attached to it. But I was tired enough to write it like I did :)
In the meantime, I picked up a bit, spent time with my family and got to enjoy life a bit more.
I feel better now, but it does not show yet.
If this continue, I might be able to do something nice for a change.
I also started playing "Warhammer Age of Reckoning" with my kids, and boy is it fun!
I am squdgie herder and I am level 17 after like 40 hours of playing. I have no fucking idea what the hell am I doing in game at the best of times, but I just follow my kids and my friend Tomo around like some sort of fifth wheel and shoot whatever they attack with my mighty arrows.
My Squig fights better than I do.
I suck, yet it is still fun. I like the world and I like the gameplay and I hate those fucking forces of order, every time we go into something caller RVR scenario, I am just something they kill over and over again. My fighting technique consists of punching the TAB key like a madman, and then randomly hitting 1,2,3,4,5... each one of those keys does something, but sometimes it takes time.
But see, if I accidentally hit 6 (which I do often), it turns me into a giant squig, and then all my skills are gone and all I can do is headbutt stuff. But I can only headbutt if someone is close by, and those fucking order people keep on moving, so I can't do jack shit. I then desperatly grab for my mouse and try to click the icon to turn myself back into that little archer dude. And then some fucking dwarf comes from somewhere and chops me to bits like the fat chef chops some exotic vegetable in one of those cooking shows. Sometimes it is not even dwarf, it is chick in her underwear holding a sabre. Well that sucks, but I can kill giant spiders no worries, especially if they are few levels lower than me, and far enough so I kick their arse before they get to me.
Still, the whole experience ( regardless of how dislexic I am) is fun, for some weird reason.

Anyhow, I will talk more next time, I am off to watch "One Piece" with my kids and that should be fun.
Some more crap train sketches this time, and I hope to have something better next time.

Cheers to all,




Glad to hear your feeling better....
Some wonderful drawings indeed.
Even if your not keen on them.

Your crap seems to be my gold, when it comes to this drawing stuff..

Thanks for sharing.


Maxim said...

hahahahh that burger chat is sick and hilarious at the same time

Mick said...

tip top.. lovelly... always great

jacks said...

beautiful drawings

Yer_man_in_japan said...

Special sauce. Glad to see you are back on form. :)

Aleksandar Nikolic Shomy said...

odlicno! super su ti radovi!!!

Monkeyfeather said...

I'm pretty sure "crappy" sketches are an impossibility from you. These are truly fantastic.

I salute your skill.

Rod Wong said...

fantastic sketches milenko, awesome stuff here:)

Patrick Schoenmaker said...

Another great post Milenko!