Sunday, April 26, 2009


Well here I am again, with a bunch of random sketches, all doodled on a rocking train.
They are done with different thoughts in my mind, and some were quickly colored to make them more digestible.
Or less digestible, I never know.
I have been doing some "more better" stuff, but I want to keep it under the wraps until I am happy with it and have it all done.
Also, I have a new friend. He can write good.
Name is James H.
He took my idea about the Orc Detective, and wrote a really nice script that I got excited about so I think I will be drawing me some comics soon :)
We decided to do short (5-10 panels) episodes as my poor attention span and other commitments would prevent me to do longer pieces, at least at the moment. I will let you know how it all went in the months to come.
On another note, that cake I have mentioned in my previous post was a success!
Except it was a painful struggle, heavily supervised by my lovely wife who kept on pointing out all the stuff I would do wrong, before I even got the chance to do it.
Apparently, you are supposed to beat egg-whites before you add the rest of ingredients to it. Also, you are supposed to beat egg yolks with a wooden spoon in a non metalic vessel over a pot with steaming water.
I kept on reading the recipe and screaming "What the hell!?" each time I would pick a spoon to add the next thing to the mix. The cooking scale was a lying bitch and I never knew that you can fit that much coconut into a 100 grams measure.
I've burnt myself three times while manhandling the oven and had several nervous breakdowns where I would flip out, scream at and try to pick fight with a particular kitchen utensil refusing to do my bidding at the time.
First act, separating egg whites from the yolks- a seemingly simple task caused me much grief. Yolks would break as I was trying to apply recently observed expertise from some cooking show: you knock the egg on the edge of the table, then as you gently pull it apart, it cracks across the middle and then you pour it from one half of the eggshell into the other over a pot, separating egg white from the yolk. Easy as you would think!
Well little fuckers refused to crack across the middle, exploding in my hand, and getting the egg everywhere.
Whole exercise ended up with me pouring all the egg insides into the pot, and then trying to scoop as much yolk out of it with the spoon as possible.
Also, I felt that I, as a cake eater, would know better than hundreds of women from the old country who perfected the recipe before me as to what amounts of ingredients should be combined into this product.
Lets just say that the only reason people eating it did not get instant diabetes is because their blood vessels got blocked with excessive amount of cholesterol (also delivered by the cake) thus preventing their blood stream to distribute sugary goodness to their cells and cause disease.
Let us never talk about it all again.
And lets not even mention the lamb roast that I tried to cook in order to fix the situation with.
Anyhow, this is enough whinging for one post,
Until the next time,

Kind regards to all,




Also, I'm really interested now to see what you have going on the back burner...

As for you cooking fiasco all I can say is, "I hear you". My mother is pretty proficient cook and baker of cakes, pies, cookies and such. She often told me, "If you think of cooking as a science, then the act of baking is chemistry". Lots of particular processes and variables to manage during the baking process. Sure there are rules of thumb but most of those seem like they are learned and adopted through a trial by fire...

None the less I salute your efforts.
Thanks for sharing the drawings.


Michael said...

Great stuff! I especially like the Smurfette (Smurf Girl) one. Nice! ^_^

Vincenzo said...

Thanks for the culinary update and of course the fantastic sketches!!!

You've now whet my appetite for an omlette and some "mo better" Milenko stuff...looking forward to it!!!

All the best always Amigo

Dela said...

I admire you for making cakes ,very brave move ,maybe it is the time for me to leave safe and secure BBQ-uing domain.
Good luck with comics ,the sketches are alive and dangerous .

Marcelo Vignali said...

Mr. Figuette looks funny.

d3z+ said...

very cool dude.

Yeah I agree that Mr.Figurette, Friz and Froz look very funny... :)

Nico Di Mattia said...

Nice work dude!!!