Friday, April 10, 2009

Here we go!

Happy Easter everyone!
My Easter holidays started well, but then I got some cold and this morning I woke up with blocked nose and sore lungs.
It kind of sucked, but it went away so at least I am sort of OK for the time being. I am pretty sure it will come back soon but 'till then I will enjoy what I got.
I decided and vowed to make a cake following a recipe that my friend's wife has given me.
We went for a visit yesterday, and they offered us this awesome cake with coconut and walnuts and butter cream in between. And they only saved a little piece for each one of us, so I could not have any extra.
I always wanted to learn how to make a cake but never had the motivation nor the opportunity.
I took the recipe from them and decided that being close to forty, I should be able to maintain enough attention span to mix some stuff, bake it and fill it with some more stuff.
i will keep you up to date with that one.
And as is custom for Easter, here's an Easter image:

You might scratch your head and ask what does a thundercat named cheetara or something like that has to do with a son of god being betrayed by his pupil, crucified for our sins and then resurrecting himself three days later, raising up to heaven and sitting to the right of his heavenly father, with very little information being available about his wherabouts since.
(My guess is that he is still sitting there, possibly making lists of people currently breaking the comandments, practicing his sword fighting skills and working out war strategies for the time when armageddon comes and he has to lead heavenly armies and slay the evil).
I do not understand when or how he turned from a peacemaker who loved each and every being into a heavenly warlord getting ready to fight the hordes, but I understand that it is not for me to know or understand. My faith is enough.
I beleive that he has a perfectly god reasons and that all will be reveiled when the time comes, so I will beleive, sit and wait.
Well, going back to Cheetarah, it has to do as much with Easter as does a bunny distributing eggs to children.
So there you go.

Cheers to all,



Fry said...

Nice Cheetarah. I really like the way you handled the spots in her hair.
Good luck with the cake, and Happy Easter.

Nico Di Mattia said...

Beautiful done!!

Vincenzo said...

Brilliant!!!...Happy Easter Brother!!

...and yes I agree the "Big Bunny" has as much to do with Easter as (close your ears kids) the fat guy in the red suit breaking into your house has to do with Christmas...ahhh, but that's capitalism at it's best ;)

All the best!


AMAZING....I like how your paints seem to have such a loose quality but still retain all the details that you need.
Plus its good to here your doing a little better.

Happy easter.


Pete Mullins said...

GGRRRRR! Gorgeous.

shalik said...

yes it's great!!

Reynes said...

Glad to ear you feel better ;)
The Cosmocat girl is gorgeous !

flaviano said...


Mat Brady said...

Ha ha ha! That's awesome!

I was never a big Thundercats fan, but I know heaps of people that were hard into it. If you did, say, a series of these Thundercats?...

A lot of fans would love to see that.

I hear their even making a live action movie. V cool. :)

Charles Santoso said...

Very cool piece as usual :D

Look forward to seeing more updates!

All the best.

Thorsten Hasenkamm said...