Thursday, November 26, 2009

Another one

I have nothing to say.
This is quick sketch I did tonight, no particular reason, and pretty generic.
I am amazed at the fact that I actually do bits almost every day, and regardless of the quality, I think it is a positive sign.
I hope I pick up, because this is fun.

Cheers to all,

PS, It just felt as this is not enough art to justify a post, so I am adding a quick Captain America Parody sketch I did at lunchtime today




Very very Nice....


Azzamckazza said...

For the love of Gods please stop being so hard on yourself! I'd give my right nut to draw ladies half as good as yours. you've got a great eye for charicature and your construction is spot on.

Post as many pictures as you like! we love it!

Laurent said...

Have you ever considered drawing cards ?
Put a "Q" on the corners of your sketch and you will become the most famous artist in the third age clubs !

willborough said...

Great girl. But that cap is really awesome!


Oscar said...

Keep sketching this way, man! Always a fan.

LFW said...

great stuff man, as always. You inspire me.

cheers to you


Jelter said...

that bottom drawing is like the definition of good advertising!

Vincenzo said...

Dear Santa

Wish I had a Milenko book for Christmas!


All the best my friend in 2010...wishing you and the family a healthy and prosperous New Year!!!