Friday, November 13, 2009

First post in November

And they Call it "Mo-vember" A month in which men grow mustache to raise awareness of prostate cancer.
"Raising awareness" is this awesome thing people do when they feel there's problem they can not do anything about. They prance arround and look silly for a period of time and then they say to themselves: I did a great job, everyone is aware now!
Nothing is fixed, nothing is better, but everyone is aware!
And it is the first fucking thing that comes to my mind when I see upper lip facial hair on some dude: fuck, there's this part of your body you can get cancer in. Much like most other parts of your body you can get cancer in.
And most guys choose to go with that handle bar mustache, unfortunately also commonly known as "cocksucker" mustache.
There's usually only 3 reasons for someone to grow such facial hair:
1- you are retired porn industry star
2-you like to suck on penis
3-you are really, really tough guy, so tough that no one dares to relate you to reason number 2

But come November, confusion ensues. Normal people start growing infamous facial hairdos.
You do not know what to think any more. You think there's either vintage porn convention in town, a gay festival is about to start, or the whole city got conquered by some biker gang.

I think it is just that people like to get silly, but are a bit shy about it. And then someone comes up with some awareness cause and everyone starts using it as an excuse to do what they always dreamed about but never dared to try (I mean growing mustache, not sucking on stuff).
The one awareness initiative I could consider joining is the one where people cut a hole in the crotch area of their pants and walk around with their left testicle exposed. It could be to raise awareness of boldness, or some sort of small, near extinct reptiles or female body hair, I do not care what awareness it is raising, as long as it involves testicle exposure, I am in.

Anyhow, I think I have overloaded on sugar. You see, We have this water cooler in the house, and it has a 15 liter bottle on top and we re-fill it every week. But no one remembered to do it today. I can not drink tap water, plumbing in our house is 25 years old and tap water smells like something crawled in the pipe and died.
And it is really hot today. So I found this old 2 liter bottle of Fanta in the fridge, with most of the bubbles long gone, and have drunk most of it, with the intention to finish the rest once I am done with this post. And it is making me feel weird.
Anyhow, before I offend someone, I am chucking in some lame rough and quick sketches, done mostly on the train and in breef breaks at work. I am working on some nicer stuff I hope to share soon.

Cheers to all,




Your work is deliciousness for my eyeballs....which are going crossways looking into the monitor right now...
I've got a long weekend of projects glaring at me but your work is pushing me forward so that I can complete this andd get to something OF MY OWN.....

As for the commentary on mustaches...I'm not so sure what to say...I usually have a full beard...but about a week ago I shaved off a whole years worth of beard, and am growing a mustache for a charity organization here in NY called Mustaches for Kid...
I've done this for the past four years, and really its just a little fundraiser to help underfunded school programs, relief organization, and make a wish foundation things...
I'm proud to do it...since I don't see myself running again any time soon or doing anything of that sort..
We raise good money for programs that can put it to good use... and I grow a ridiculous mustache...

Again, I dig the work...
Thanks for Sharing mate..


FerdinandKreozot said...

Hey dude. Thanks for the comment.
Do not get offended please. I make these up as I go, I do not have a strong opinion one way o the other.
I myself have a beard, and did a mustache thing last year. Felt like a moron doing it though. So in a way I am taking a piss out of myself too. Fund raising is a decent way to help, and as long as the cause is not something abstract and you feel strongly about it, it is the right thing to do.
I had a friend shave for something or else last year (can't remember what it was), he went as far as to shave his head eyebrows body hair and even the stuff down there, and we all paid money to watch him do it laughed and poked, much like all good friends do. He took all the money and put it into the charity he was doing it for. I am not taking the piss out of that, everyone got what they wanted from it and it was fun watching him freak people out and scratch his crotch like mad for at leas a week.
But I do not think there's any funds being raised by this particular event happening around me right now and I have an issue with causes which "Raise awareness".
Another reason I bitched is maybe because I was a bit jealous, as my facial hair is very weak, wispy and pale and my goatee looks somewhat ridiculous :) and yet, I can not let it go as I have no chin to talk of.

Anyway, please dude, always take my comments with a grain of salt I am not a very serious person in much of what I say or do.
I hope again that I did not offend you too much with my nonsense,
And your work inspires me too.
Cheers to your skill,


lach said...

Milenko even your rough sketches are iconic and full of goodness.

Vincenzo said...

Since I can not go around in public wearing a hijab I've found that growing facial hair to hide one supremely ugly face is a terrific alternative...great sketches as always!!!

Patrick said...

This Biker drawing is a absolute jem!!!!.
A instant classic!!!!.

LFW said...

dood, I have been away too long, when did you post this awsomeness? it is great, I really like it

cheers to you, and good luck with your awareness of looking at mens testicles


Dela said...

This is one very happy biker .