Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Well, what have I learned here...

A few things:
I should always admire the old masters, from a safe distance, and not try to emulate or imitate their stuff for a purpose of a cheap joke which, btw, did not even work.
I should not try to do a sketch of a masterpiece in less than 2 hours.
If I want to do a cartoon of something really cool, I should plan ahead, and not "do as I go" which is what I told myself before i started.
I should stay away from something as good as the original death dealer piece, which btw, hangs right in front of me as I type this, laughing at my impotence.

Sorry MR Frank. You are the king and I bow to you.

And I am putting this here like a farmer who hangs a dead crow to warn and scare the other crows away.
And I will wander away asking myself why...



Tuesday, January 20, 2009

2009 :(

Remember, in my previous post, I've mentioned something about how 2008 sucked and how I hope 2009 will be better?
Well, fat chance.
Or, as I would sometimes say when stuck in traffic- cock and balls!
2009 has beaten all the crap from 2008 in just 20 days.
How about that.
Or maybe it did not, and I am just looking at it from the wrong perspective.
But when you are stuck in one spot, neck deep in crap, there's only perspective you can view it all from.
My only chance is that, in some miraculous way, crap turns into sugar or some other sort of valuable substance.
Only one word I can say to all that (obviously followed bu an exclamation point):


And cheers to you all,

kind regards,


Tuesday, January 06, 2009


Man, am I glad 2008 is over.
What a crap year it was.
Anyhow, new one is here now, and I hope it gets better than the old one.
On another note, you may have noticed that my blog now has a cool pre-entry page telling you that I post pornography and filth of all kinds on this here place (and possibly eat baby whales for breakfast too).
First time I saw it myself, I felt hurt, and I felt misunderstood but then I thought about it a bit more and came to conclusion that it is better this way.
Because I am a bad boy now!
Considering that before I became a bad boy, I was a disgruntled lunatic, angry with the world around me and the way the life treats me, who was using his pathetic ESL literary skills to share his pains and misfortunes with the world, this new development must be a change for the better.
Due to this "maturity upgrade" my status goes from a spit dribbling mad-man who draws penises and semi naked girls (and possibly wets his own pants a couple times a day) to a hardcore, cool bad boy of the internet art world, right?
No, seriously, am I cool now or what?
I am OK with my blog being tagged as I now can say or draw whatever I want here.
But then, now that I got my label I intend to do and share nothing but illustrations for children and cartoons for tweens.
Anyway, let's move on.
I had 2 weeks worth of holidays which I wisely spent on sleeping and wiewing content I may or may not have downloaded off the internet and/or purchased in a DVD format (content may or may not have included various pornographic footages of various kinds of lewd acts depicting debaucheries and graphic portrayal of all kinds of intercourse between multiple consenting adults), but seriously, I was mostly re-watching the good old Larry sanders Shows.
I also purchased and watched a blue ray disc of Mad Max 2- Road Warrior.
Man did that movie aged poorly.
I had my birthday a few days ago and realized that, fuck, I am 39 years old.
And fuck, that's old!
I used to laugh at all those 39 years old douches, and was thinking how they looked like old farts and how I will never look like that.
So guess who's feeling really stupid right now.
Fortunately there are always those sixty year olds to poke fun at. Boy do they look ridiculous.
What a bunch of losers.
Well to move on, here's some art.
First is a Magazine cover I had to do really quickly for a friend in the old country, I did not ask why, but it should be a bit self explanatory. Posters say stuff like "you scum" "thieves" etc.
Second piece is an unfinished version of an event poster for a Brisbane comedy trio and their show "Youtube your own adventure".
Final version of the poster looks different.

Soo, that's all for this time,

Happy 2009 everyone,