Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Whatever little skill I had...

Has left me.
I feel like shit still.
I have no energy to do anything. Just go to work, feel worthless, then crawl back home and do nothing.
I can't even force myself to do stuff.
Actually, I feel so low, I do not even care any more.
Only time I draw anything is on train, and those look like shit.
Here's few examples, please don't laugh.
Anyhow, I hope it all gets better,


Monday, March 09, 2009

March is for new beginning :)

Well what do you know, I have a job again.
I started last week, and even though it is different than what I was used to at the previous one, it is cosy and kind of feels more like one of those large European families than a corporate entity, and most importantly, I like it. Wheather they like me, I will find out soon I guess.
I am getting used to traveling by train again, so I got me a sketch book and have been trying to sketch on an hour long train trip. With not much success, as you will see it in the appendix to this rant.
Why I decided to go that way as opposed to freelancing at the moment?
Family needs.
Economic crisis.
And the fact that in first 3 weeks of my unemployment I managed to spend 5000.00 bucks on bills and other crap.
Seeing that money disappear from my account was a true wake up call. With my savings as they are at the moment, i would be flat broke in less than 3 months.
And my new employers have treated me really nice so far. All the way from the interview.
Anyhow, enough about that.
Fucking gland in my jaw is still pissing me off and I guess I will find out tomorrow what is the fucking deal with that, as I am seeing a doctor in the morning.
And yes, I got me one of those cintiq tablets at home.
That was a decent chunk of money too.
First impressions- I am pissed off with it, but I hope it passs.
if fucking Wacom people ever get to read this, I have a few questions for them:
-What the fuck is the point in calibrating that motherfucker, when it just does what it wants, calibrated or not. When you get close to the edge(top left corner) and any corner at all, tip just decides to take a walk away from your pen, so instead of getting to file-save, it opens the menu above, and once I even almost closed PS instead of saving.
- What's the fucking deal with the lag too? I hated tablet PC's because of it, and the Cintiq i used at work did not seem to have any of those issues, so why this one?
-And why did they replace nice glass surface which I enjoyed on my old one, with this stupid cheep feeling plastic.
But actually, it is not that bad. I still enjoy using it.

other than this, nothing else to report.
So here's some cheap scrap.
First peace is done with afore mentioned cintiq, and the ret is the train sketches.

Anyhow, have a good one all of you,