Sunday, May 31, 2009

Second post in one month, again.

Eh yes, wasn't that fast!
Weird month this one was. Days were dragging themselves and weeks would never end.
And when they do, weekends would just fly by and before you know it, it's fucking Monday again.
I am getting used to my new work place, mostly due to the guys I happened to be on the team with. They are funny bunch and for the first time in my career, I am not the weirdest person in the room. At least that's what I managed to convince myself.
I also ended up getting the flu, not sure if it is the oinky one, but it sure fucked me up.
Sounds I make when I cough do not resemble anything I have ever heard in my 39 summers on earth, and last night I woke up around 3 AM and heard myself wheeze, and it sounded like a bunch of bagpipes tied together and beaten with a shovel. there was almost some sort of weird melody to it.
I thought I will wake up sick as a dog but surprisingly, in the morning I was OK.
Anyhow, I hope I am getting better soon.
After many days of it sitting idle, today I powered up my Cintiq and did some sketching. I need to pick up my act as this is horrible and hard and I seem to have lost a bit of my skill.
But here's some sketches I did on the train and a few I did today.
Cheers to all who are still visiting,

Until the next time,
best wishes,


Saturday, May 09, 2009

How about that flu.

Swine fly they called it, why not pig flu?
After all, people use the word "swine" more to describe someone's character flaw rather than to refer to the animal itself.
In my opinion, media went for it, so people would not instantly become pork produce haters.
And "swine" sounds ugly, fit for a germ causing pandemic. Media pandemic that is.
I remember reading somewhere that more people died from lighting strikes in one year than from both bird flu and swine flu combined.
But it sure makes billions for people selling hygiene products, flu vaccines and snake oil.
And freaked out people burning their money on these sure boost the economy.
So it is all good.
But fuck it, who cares.
On the other front, I am still tired as a dog, and in an artistic slump to boot.
Trying to draw something nice has become a chore.
I blame it to the large amounts of dead braincells finally reaching a critical mass after 15 years of sleep deprivation.
I can finally enjoy starring at one spot for 15 minutes and drooling with joy.
And here's some art.
Not much and not very good.
Let's all hope it gets better.

Cheers to you all,