Sunday, July 05, 2009

How about a "Book of Milenko" ?

Well, this post is all about that
The idea at the moment, is to go through the last 10 years of my work, sort it out somehow and then fork out some money and self publish a big fat book.
Ah yes, I intend to get at least about 30 percent of fresh, original content.
Mostly rough paintings and sketches.
Probably about 80 - 100 pages altogether and probably about 500 copies in total.
I intend to sell it over the net somehow.

I would like to do a little poll and see if any people visiting here would be interested in purchasing such item.
All I need is enough interest to cover at least a decent portion of my printing cost so I can do the book, so it is out and crossed off my list of things to do in life.

Personally, I would think twice about purchasing it myself, so I totally understand if there's no interest :)
I am serious.
Bah, I feel lame now, so I will leave it all here.
Also, I will keep this post on top for the next month or so, and any updates to the blog will be only art and added to this post.
And here now is some quickies of some old school sex symbols I did this evening, not much to look at but once again, at least I had no struggle painting them.

Just added some ridiculously quick sketches, one in brushpen, another digital and an old abandoned drawing of that guy who wears underwear on top of his pants holding some girl who likes to dress like joker and the whole drawing is a joke.

Cheers to all,