Tuesday, October 13, 2009

What's that? Another post!

Rarely nowdays I get keen or inspired to sketch on my work breaks or on the train. Over the last few months, I found that train ride presents awesome opportunity to catch another hour of sleep in the morning and to inform myself about latest disasters, economic gloom and celebrity twat tweets from a free newspaper distributed to all on the evening ride. And I usually spend my lunch breaks drinking cheap cranberry juice and desperately scratching lottery tickets in a vain hope to get myself out of a financial hole I somehow got myself in. So far to no avail, but the sleeping hour does work.
Anyhow, today was different. I went over to the CG Hub as I often do, to get my daily feed of sweet art, and I saw an invitation to the drawing jam.
Now, I am aware of existance of drawing jams at various boards for over a decade now, but I never felt like taking a part in one of them. Not because I think they are beneath me but simply because I am lazy and can not commit to taking part in anything that has a deadline, as I always fail to meet it and end up in despair and depression.
But this time I read the title and I laughed and remembered the days when i used to draw this stuff to amuse myself.
I think that the topic was suggested by my distant friend ( I hope I can call him that) and the guy who inspired me to start drawing when I was a kid- Goran Delic.
Topic was "Noah's ark rejects", and it is related to all the possible species to whom Noah rejected place on his ark at the time of the flood.
When I read it, some door in my head opened and I picked a ballpoint pen and started doodling.
Results are rough and not fit for the jam, but I sure had more fun than in a loong time.
Anyhow, below are the sketches, the longest took about 15 minutes, not that it matters.
Tinted and shaded just a bit in PS.

And that is it for today,

Cheers to all,


Monday, October 05, 2009

Back again

Well, here I am.
I was holding on these, in hope I ill do something better and won't have to share them, but due to the lack of motivation, this is all I have to offer.
Life is slowly sliding forward, I am still tired and so on.
I am getting old and I feel it big time. Decades of sleep deprivation are slowly catching up and I started going to bed before 1AM and spending most of my time watching tv series.
"Hung" was fun to watch, Curb your enthusiasm season 7 started, "Big Bang Theory" is always fun as was "Better off Ted" and so on. I recently discovered "War at Home" as well and that series was fun because it was true. Shame it was killed after 2 seasons.
And I am off to check that "Bored to death" this evening. Hope it is fun.
Another phenomenon for me is that whole UFC crap, it totally replaced wrestling but compared to WWe or whatever, it lacks characters. It is painful to watch two thugs trying to demolish each other by attempting to flip each others facial features inside out. I always feel sorry for the guy getting the pommeling, and can not stop myself from thinking about Roman empire and arena fights.
Another fun show is that "Man versus food" thing and I seriously think they should shoot some of the episodes in one of them looser countries where Adam Richman has to survive entire month on a roasted rat and two handfuls of semi-digested peanuts collected from elephant's dung, while being made to watch previous seasons of his show. That would be fun.
I wander if they tried to syndicate that show in Ethiopia I bet it would be a smashing hit.
Over there, one of those meals he eats per episode could feed entire village for weeks.
That show puts many things in perspective, and makes me feel better about myself, that's why I like it.
Anyhow, enough mumble,
here's some art:

Cheers to all who still visit,