Saturday, October 23, 2010

Another one of those ones

I did have fun painting this, but it did not turn out half as good as I thought it would.
But hey, I have something to post and that's a good thing. Well, I guess it is.
Next time I will try something a bit different and to put more effort in it as well.

Nothing much happening otherwise, I still like my work situation with relaxed office atmosphere where clothes, grooming and showers are optional .
I can even have a picture of a naked lady as my wallpaper with next to no complaint from HR department (my wife).
This is the best time of my life!

Cheers to all,


Mike Crichlow said...

Freakin' love it! Love the "over the shoulder" look there. Cute pose as well. ^_^


Thumbs up dude for putting the skirt up.... I also am a fan of the over the shoulder glance. Really dig your color application. Wonder how she rides with the pumps like that... but it makes for an awesome image...

Great treatment on the bike..


Ben Newman said...

nice! always liked a girl on a bike...