Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Tying up loose ends

Lots of scrap work I found lying around.
Just dumping it all here so I can move on.
Not much else.
Have a good one,



Ah yes, first two are from the Guardians of Ga hoole game, one was a practice warmup and another was a color sketch which was eventually polished and used as a loading screen, I think.
I am not sure, because I left before the game was published.


lach said...

Whats with the elves?
they're great!
- possibly too manly to be elves hahaha
kinda tree choppin instead of tree huggin

Patrick Schoenmaker said...

Delicious stuff as usual. Good to hear you're happy at work too.

Frankell Baramdyka said...

Man! i friggin love your work, every time i visit your blog there is something new and cool.