Monday, October 25, 2010

Village of the Fairies

And other creatures, big and small :)These are cutouts from a rough version of a big poster done as a pitch for the facebook game.
Colors are a bit off and everything is rough, but I still kind of like it.
Rant wise,
I have a few but one in particular is about this letter I have received today from a phone company.
Well, they have sent me a letter informing me they are going to increase fees and charges to my fucking phone line which I never use since everyone in the family (and everyone else I know) have mobile phones and they are much more convenient and, as it turns out, much cheaper to use than the crappy land-line these fuckers are renting me.
Only reason I still keep My home phone is because my internet is delivered through the line.
Yet somehow they manage to dig out over 300 land line phone calls allegedly made from my phone every month and neatly invoice me for it all.
To make me even more pissed off second part of their letter is a sales pitch flogging their other crappy services delivered through their stupid wires such as movies (the ones that no one gives shit about any more but you can watch them on demand!) and some other useless crap like browsing internet on your TV or whatever the fuck else that some douchebag cooked up in his office where he gets paid to come up with crap no one needs and sell it to poor for 1.99 per day or week or whatever.So, point of the exercise, they want more money for already existing crap service and also want to sell me more crap services to the point where my wallet becomes their bitch.
Not that my wallet would make a good bitch to anyone as it is worn out, ugly and the only cash it holds is a single US dollar I stole from a stripper over in LA back in '08...
That's all for this time,



lach said...

lots of interactions and little bits of detail

Munchanka said...

Man, that's rad! I would definitely play this game. Way to nail the perspective!

Mick said...

I honestly LOVE what you do. No lie there fella... proper bowled over by your skill


These are Fantastic. So many really great little characters..

Patrick said...

That's great Milenko.I hope your pitch went well.