Sunday, October 17, 2010

Watch me go !

Well, I'll be darned!
I wrote this cool post about what I am posting here, and then went on bragging about my new shoes and east European love for Adidas track outfits, and then windows decides to crash my Firefox, I save nothing and I loose all of my wisdom!
So fuck it, it was stupid anyhow.
Here's some fan art parody stuff ( some might call it Flinstones Uncut :) hehe), some more character design for a friend, and bits and bobs of a pitch for a project I did some time ago for this bunch of cool guys, and they allowed me to share some of it.
So there you go.
Cheers to all,Milenko


Mike Crichlow said...

Awesome! Love how Wilma Flintstone turned out. :)

LFW said...

you are an evil yet super talented man milenko.

i love these drawings!

cheers to you


Patrick Schoenmaker said...

I've got a soft spot for the pig.

Peter Yong said...

Loving these!!!

The tasteful glimpse of nob cracked me up!