Thursday, May 20, 2010

Unfortunate encounter :)

Not too many words this time.
A quick sketch as I had some time to spare.
I would really like to do more Fantasy stuff, this one came out a bit stiff and clonky.
I will play with a few more in the future, if the time permits.

Cheers to all,


Sunday, May 16, 2010

Some time, finally!

Note: This post is pretty long and boring, its all like me, me and me, so if you are just looking for some art to check, just scroll to the bottom of it and you will find my doodles :)

Cheers to you,


And for those who decide to have a read,

Oh boy :)

This is awesome.
Freelancing life is buckets of fun, and I can not remember last time I enjoyed working this much.
It is a busy fare though, and I barely have any time to spare, that's why I did not post here in 3 weeks (yeah, sure!).
I did not expect it to be this much, but I should not complain.
Surely slim times will come but with the work and pennies I am saving, I should be ready for them.
My current, fully contracted money earning gig is with a small casual game company loaded with some cool people and sweet ideas.
Getting back into using flash after many years was a refreshing experience, I love that little piece of crap software so much.
It screws up and crashes, and is fiddly and moody, but for a period of time while it works as it should, it supplies chunky amounts of fun and satisfaction that I can not get enough of.
Art for casual games is honest and rewarding in different ways than the intricate designs that sometimes needed to be done for bigwig next gen stuff. They are not as detailed, but they are cool and force you to think about the limits and scale of stuff and heaps of other things that tickle your brain all day.
And when you get it right and zoom to an actual size of your asset, look at it, when you can read it well and it looks as it should, you get happy in your pants :)
And within 3 weeks there, I already designed all sorts of cool stuff :)
I single-handedly designed and produced final art for 3 (mini) games in less than a week :)
Instant gratification of seeing your art in the game as you are doing it is there.
I also became some sort of a satellite orbiting around a few groups of cool, colorful people with their little plans and projects, and am seriously looking forward to start working with them on their sweet dreams.
Another cool role I will be taking on is establishing a look and designing and creating assets for a seriously cool indie game coming out from a little studio that connects and collects talented individuals from various places world wide.
Most of us have worked together at various studios and on various projects in the past and now we have a chance to create something of our own, and make it as cool and as beautiful as we can.
It is getting bits of attention already and it is weird and wonderful, loaded with awesome tech and fresh ideas and I will be dressing it up with lots of help from a few other, very talented individuals.
Fingers crossed it all comes together great.I won't mention more about it, as I want to let the guys who started it all to make announcement themselves, and then I will point you towards it all :)
And possibly share some of the prelim concepts and other art I have created for them so far, either here or in the art section of their site, where I hope to start and keep an art developer blog together with other artists taking part in the project.
Another thing that happened to me, not necessarily deserving, is an interview for the BabeLab, run and operated by an awesome artist I knew nothing about until that time.
It was quite amazing but at the same time ridiculous experience all together :)
So there's a funny story about that:
He got in touch with me, I was too busy to check who he is, but since I rarely get contacted by anyone I felt a bit ego stroked so I decided to do him this "favor" of supplying my answers to his questions.
I was sitting on the questions for a while as I had all this other stuff going on, slowly dropping an answer or 2 in every now and then.
Eventually I finished it all, and sent it through and he got it up and running.
The next day, a friend of mine was on msn, like "Dude WTF, you're on the BabeLab. I on the other hand was like "how do you know about the BabeLab?", and he was like "I visit there all the time, do you even know who the guy running it is?" and I was like "yeah he's some dude who draws cute chicks, so what" and he was like "he's the guy who did concept work on "Darksiders"!
And he sent me the link. Then I checked the link and crapped my pants a little.
And then my friend was like "I have this bruise on my left leg I can not remember how I got it" and I was like, "yeah, it happens to me all the time, I am taking a fucking shower and I look at my thigh and there's a bruise there, and I have no idea how it got there. And sometimes I brush my teeth and one just falls out, or my little toe just starts feeling sore and i do not know why it is", and my he was like 'yeah, life sucks, doesn't it? " and I was like, "listen dude it is late I have to go to sleep, have a good one..." and he was like "ok, bye"........
The artist who approached me was Paul Richards :)
And he is great and awesome, and so much more than I am.
Actually, instead of reading the rest of this crap, you should be checking his stuff right now.

Another aanyhow now,
After the interview, I felt like I should not post any more crap on my blog, as it is not good enough.
But then, I realized that most of the stuff I do is crap, so if I regulate myself that much, I will not have anything to post.
So in conclusion, I decided to continue posting crap.
And that is it for this time.
As I did not have much time to do anything decent, here's a few reference- less sketches of Smurfette I doodled today. I gave up on her many months ago, but today i found my old failed attempts and had some sketching fun on top of them :)

I will try to do better stuff soon.
Cheers to all,